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SAP Focused Run Applications

Supported Products

The following products are supported with SAP Focused Run 4.0 SP00, for a full list with setup descriptions, check here.

Infrastructure Preparation & Operation

Infrastructure Preparation

Before you can successfully operate the SAP Focused Run applications for any new managed system or object, certain steps have to be performed. 

These steps are described in detail on the page Prepare SAP Focused Run Infrastructure

  1. Declare Customer Network (CN)
  2. Install or verify version of existing SAP Host Agents (SHA)
  3. Prepare CA APM Introscope Enterprise Manager
  4. Prepare System Landscape Data Router
  5. Prepare Outside Discovery
  6. Prepare Databases and Managed Systems
  7. Check SLD Data Supplier Completeness
  8. Perform the Simple Systems Integration
  9. Prepare SAP Focused Run Applications

For the monitoring of certain cloud services we use SAP Cloud ALM as reverse proxy for SAP Focused Run. Please check if your cloud service requires this setup on the Supported Products page. If yes, you can find the documentation for the setup here:

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