Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for cloud-centric customers


What is SAP Cloud ALM?

SAP Cloud ALM (Cloud Application Lifecycle Management) is a brand-new cloud-based ALM offering tailored to the needs of SAP Cloud customers. To find out how SAP Cloud ALM helps Beyond Technologies to keep up with fast progress and to focus on delivering value to their customers watch the customer video and read the success story.

Key features:

  • Simple to consume, instantaneously available, and always up-to-date​
  • Support for the entire lifecycle of cloud solutions from SAP, from build to run​
  • Harmonizing the implementation experience of cloud products from SAP
  • Built for continuous delivery of cloud solutions from SAP​
  • Planned to include integration, user, application, and business process monitoring​
  • Usage rights included with SAP Enterprise Support

Listen to Marc Thier, SVP Application Lifecycle Management, SAP SE, to learn more about SAP Cloud ALM from SAPPHIRE NOW 2019.




Watch the video to learn

  • Why ALM is required in the cloud?
  • How SAP Cloud ALM fulfills this requirement?
  • What is the three-years ambition of SAP Cloud ALM?

Implementation Portal

The first step into SAP Cloud ALM is the implementation portal for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP intends to extend SAP Cloud ALM step-by-step from implementation support to the entire lifecycle and from SAP S/4HANA Cloud to all SAP products with the entire roadmap planned to become available by 2022. SAP Cloud solution customers will get access to SAP Cloud ALM based on their existing contract.

Key features:

  • Consume best practice content from SAP Activate ​
  • Perform fit-to-standard workshops​
  • Manage implementation and extensions​
  • Execute integration and acceptance tests​
  • Orchestrate consistent deployment to production​