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SAP ALM Events & Webcasts

Learn everything you need to know about Application Lifecycle Management, get the latest news, and have your questions answered with our various ALM event formats!

ALM Roadshows

Full-day ALM overview events for a local or regional target group.


Upcoming Roadshows:

  • May 29: Tokyo, Japan
  • June 13: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • June 20: den Bosch, Netherlands
  • September 13: Oslo, Norway


More ALM roadshows in 2023 are currently in planning.

SAP Community Calls

Monthly 1h-sessions covering ALM topics, including extensive Q&A possibility.


Upcoming Calls: 

  • May 23: SAP Community Call for ALM - APJ edition
  • June 7: SAP Community Call for SAP Cloud ALM Experts
  • June 21: SAP Community Call for ALM
  • June 27: SAP Community Call for ALM - APJ edition
  • July 5: SAP Community Call for SAP Cloud ALM Experts
  • July 19: SAP Community Call for ALM


What's New Calls

Webcasts showing new and improved features of recent ALM software releases.


Next Webcasts:

Calls for SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Solution Manager and Focused Solutions, and SAP Focused Run are provided after each SP release.


SAP ALM Summits

Large-scale virtual events with keynotes and expert sessions on all ALM topics.


Upcoming SAP ALM Summits 2023

  • APJ: July 25 - 27
  • EMEA: October 10 - 13
  • NA: October 24 - 26

Additional Events

Curiosity Sessions for SAP Cloud ALM for Service

SAP Cloud ALM for service is SAP's new intelligent service delivery platform which enhances the collaboration between SAP service delivery teams and our customers.

If you are unable to join a live session, you can also watch the recording.