SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

Key Features:

  • Support for customers in the implementation of cloud centric solution landscapes with a preconfigured, out-of-the-box, cloud native solution
  • Features, functions and processes are provided for the running of Fit-to-standard workshops and management of all implementation, testing and deployment activities. They adhere to SAP Activate methodology, content and tools.
  • Ease of initial onboarding is followed by the availability of preconfigured process with open interfaces, that are extendable and adoptable to a customer's individual needs
  • Backed by these powerful capabilities, Cloud ALM for Implementation is a key companion in your transition to the cloud.

Learn more from the overview presentation (PDF) and the expert portal for implementation.

Functional Overview

Core functionality of SAP Cloud ALM for implementation

  • Self-guided and content-driven implementation based on SAP Activate methodology and Best Practices content
  • Fast onboarding of project Teams and Progress Monitoring of implementation activities
  • Project planning synchronized with SAP Cloud solutions release timelines
  • Manage Implementation Tasks – automatically generated and adapted to customer scope
  • Supports Fit-to-Standard workshops with convenient visualization of Business Models and Process Descriptions
  • Prepare and manage manual and automated tests
  • Integrated reporting capabilities

Core Capabilities

In the boxes below you can find more information about each core capability, as well as a detailed presentation (PDF) for each capability.

Consume Intelligent Enterprise scenarios, SAP best practice content and manage fit-to-standard workshops.
  • Implementation based on SAP Best Practice Process Content and Intelligent Enterprise Scenarios 
  • Process Based scoping for Fit-to-Standard Workshops
  • Creation of requirements on process models
  • Detailed access to BPMN process models, test scripts and executables

Perform implementation activities based on SAP Activate, integrated in SAP toolchain.
  • Implementation based on SAP Activate Methodology
  • Tasks automatically assigned to roles
  • Set detailed due dates or derive from phases
  • Mass change of task attributes
  • Creation of manual tasks

Prepare  and execute tests based on SAP content for manual testing and integration of automated testing tools.
  • Prepare Tests on process based requirements
  • Identify implementation progress
  • Define test readiness
  • Includes manual & automatic test cases

Manage your requirements lifecycle by utilizing the change management workflow and deployment orchestration.
  • Plan Project Milestones based on SAP Release Data 
  • Get recommendation for Deployment windows
  • Access to tenant upgrade dates
  • Access to release information like ‘What's New' or ‘Release Impact Assessment'
  • Overview of all upgrade-related tasks

Project Landscape
  • Quick overview of your Project Landscape per SAP Product
  • Assigning and unassigning of corresponding tenants
  • Direct navigation to tenant  via Open URL
  • Automatic provisioning of deep links based on the Project Landscape tenant details

Customer Benefits

  • Fast time-to-value through guidance and task-driven implementation
  • Harmonized implementation experience across SAP Cloud solutions
  • Instantaneously available, no deployment or configuration activities
  • Fast onboarding of your project team
  • Automated collection and assignment of tasks to the project team
  • Comprehensive workspace for fit-to-standard workshops
  • Built-in transparency about implementation progress