Cloud Service Management

Welcome to the expert portal for Cloud Service Management. Here you find information about how SAP Focused Run can help you to support SAP public cloud services, how you can set up you public cloud services in SAP Focused Run to use them in the Exception Management or Integration Monitoring setup, and also best practices for the setup of your cloud services with your on premise landscape. 

Cloud Services Classification

SAP has different cloud offerings for our customers. The level of visibility and responsibility differs depending on the solution and how much is managed by the service provider. The following picture shows the different levels.

No matter if a customer runs his system in a private cloud (HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)) or uses a public cloud offering like Ariba (SaaS) or SAP Business Technology Platform (PaaS), SAP Focused Run offers several applications to support smooth operations for the cloud solution.


Applications to Support SAP Cloud Scenarios

SAP Public Cloud monitoring is not an own application in SAP Focused Run, but rather a scenario that leverages several already existing SAP Solution Manager applications. In the tile Cloud Service Management - Configuration you can manage the templates for integrating cloud services.


Monitoring of Integration Scenarios

Details on availability and restrictions for Monitoring of Integration scenarios and Hybrid Support are available here.