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Tactical Dashboard

The Tactical Dashboard in SAP Focused Run reports the status of key performance indicators for your solution landscapes. Based on a predefined set of scenarios and configured individual thresholds for your core systems components, it reports an overview of the health of your solutions. In addition, each indicator provides predefined historical views to perform detailed analysis and identify early good or bad trends. The performance of your SAP solution relies on capacity and health indicators like workload, volume, capacity, resources utilization and more.

With real-time indicators visualization, Tactical dashboards help you to quickly identify issues.

At the same time, through historical views, you can determine trends and perform detailed and predictive analysis for capacity and health indicators like workload, volume, capacity, resources utilization and more.

With the Tactical Dashboard, you can

  • Control solution status and trend against the forecasts
  • Comply with service level agreements
  • Monitor and identify early good and bad trends
  • Optimize the usage of resources


System Monitoring has to be setup for involved systems.


  1. Add system views.
  2. Select systems.
  3. Configure thresholds for each category.

Release Notes

The following scenario and categories are supported with the SAP Focused Run release listed below:

System Monitoring
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Hardware Resources
  • Users Load
2.0 SP00
Technical Monitoring
  • Performance
  • Availability category SAM mode (FP03)
  • Hardware Resources
  • Users Load
  • Database Memory (FP01)
  • Backup (FP02)
  • Maintenance (FP03)

2.0 SP00

Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Performance
  • Users Load
2.0 FP01
Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM)
  • Performance
  • Availability
2.0 FP01
Health Monitoring
  • Availability
2.0 FP01

System Types and Supported Scenarios

Availability, Hardware resources, performance, User load, Database backup, Maintenance
Availability, Hardware resources, performance, User load
Availability, Hardware resources, performance
Hardware resources, performance
Availability, Hardware resources, Database backup
HANAAvailability, Hardware resources, Database backup, Database memory


The configuration for the category provides 

  • Data Period for calculating the main KPI.
  • Threshold for the KPI. (green to red or yellow to red)
  • Trend Period to compute the Trend Indicator.
  • Thresholds for the trend (% of increase or % of decrease between the KPI computed for the data period and KPI computed for the trend period)

How To Configure Technical Views

Before configuring the Tactical Views first you have check How to Create a Dashboards. Tactical Views are then configured by selecting and configuring the categories and choosing a scope. Enable or disable categories and set Thresholds and Trend Period:

Set the scopes for each view:

The scope content depends of each scenario:

System MonitoringSystems
Real User MonitoringRUM Groups
Synthetic User MonitoringSUM scenarios and locations
Health MonitoringURL, Hosts, ...

The content of each view is automatically updated reflecting your changes:


For more in information on authorizations, please check the Dashboard Authorizations page.