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SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager

In specific situations you might want to establish a coexistence of SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager.

A common scenario is for instance, when want to connect your SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud system to your on premise SAP Solution Manager. As you need to be aware, that HEC is using SAP Focused Run for their Operations, you will have such a coexistence scenario by default.

In the following we discuss certain aspects of this scenario, which you might have to consider. 

Simple Diagnostics Agent and Diagnostics Agent

Simple Diagnostics Agent (SDA) of SAP Focused Run and a Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent (SAP Solution Manager 7.2) are two different agents with complete different architecture, they can run completely independent on the same host. But to grand consistent landscape operations the Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent needs to be configured for SAP Host Agent outside discovery as consumed by SAP Focused Run. Therefore follow SAP Note 2556432 - Switch Outside Discovery from Diagnostics Agent to SAP Host Agent, and use the local System Landscape Data Router (SLDR) for the SLD parameters in step 6.1. See also Preparing System Landscape Data Router for more details on the SLDR and its usage in mixed SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager operations.

Bytecode Agent

A CA APM ByteCode Agent for monitoring non-ABAP managed systems can only report to one APM Enterprise Manager. In the parallel operation scenario, described in figure 1, with multiple SAP Focused Run (or SAP Solution Manager) systems connected to one APM Enterprise Manager the Hosting Partners need to be aligned about the shared CA APM Enterprise Manager. The connection address for the CA Bytecode Agent, respectively the host:port where the CA APM Enterprise Manager is installed, need to be agreed by the partners. The ByteCode Agent can be installed by SAP Solution Manger, by the SDA preparation tools (FRUN) or manually. Every partner who wants to update the ByteCode Agent need to apply the aligned connection credentials for the host:port of the CA APM Enterprise Manager.

Since CA APM Enterprise Manager 9.7 with latest Management Modules the CA APM can serve several FRUNs in parallel with subject to release restriction. Please find the relevant release notes in SAP Note 797147 – Introscope Installation for SAP Customers.

Figure 1: Bytecode Agent

Maintenance Planner

The Maintenance Planner in the SAP Support Portal can handle multiple SAP Focused Run or SAP Solution Manager systems as data sources (see also figure 2). Besides other features the Landscape Information Service in the SAP Support Portal only shows the latest complete technical system data to the Maintenance Planner. This way the partners do not need to consider which system (either the SAP Focused Run or the SAP Solution Manager) is sending the data.

It is enough that one system is sending the data, but also several data sources are accepted. The access to the data in the SAP Support Portal and the maintenance planner is granted by the S-User authorizations.

Figure 2: Maintenance Planner

Please find more more information:

EarlyWatch Alert (EWA)

In SAP Solution Manager provides the Session Workbench for EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) generation, thus the EarlyWatch Alert Report can be created on the SAP Solution Manager itself. Optionally the data can also be transferred to the SAP Support Backbone in order to generate the EWA there.

SAP Focused Run does not provide the Session Workbench for EWA generation, therefore the data to generate the EarlyWatch reports are send to the SAP Support Backbone like shown in figure 3. This has the advantage, that you benefit always from the latest EWA content and can also make use of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace.

It is enough that one of the systems is sending the data to the SAP Support Backbone, but also several data sources are accepted. The access to the data in the SAP Support Portal and the maintenance planner is granted by the S-User authorizations.

Figure 3: EarlyWatch Alert (EWA)

System Landscape Directory

If you plan your landscape with SAP Solution Manager and SAP Focused Run, you also have to take care of a proper SLD DS Payload Distribution.