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System Landscape Data Supplier (SLD DS) Payload Distribution

How To Use

SAP Solution Manager and SAP Focused Run depend as consumer on up-to-date technical landscape data provided by various System Landscape Directory (SLD) data suppliers. This documentation is intended to provide you background of features and function of the different components and versions. It is focusing on the different options of distribution of landscape data in different landscape scenarios.

Components Utilized

In the following we list involved component together with some features and limitations from a landscape perspective. These components are used in the different landscape scenarios listed below.

1. SAP Product SLD Data Supplier (SLD DS)

The SAP Product SLD Data Supplier (SLD DS) collects product technical landscape data, create the payload (xml) and sends the it to a configured destination. Some SLD data supplier only collect landscape data, create the payload and send it with the executable “sldreg”.

Features: Build In by each product (SAP HANA is the only DB with build-in SLD DS)

Limitations: Most SLD DS can send payload only to one destination, that's why we need the payload distribution (in newer NW ABAP systems there is a function to support multiple destinations). Most SLD DS do not provide a script enabled interface for configuration.

2. Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent (SMD)

The Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent (SMD) provides technical landscape data of non-SAP Products (OS, 3rd party DB, MS IIS) aka classic Outside Discovery (OD)

Features: Well Known (link)

Limitations: Payload is sent via P4 port to the SAP Solution Manager Java Stack. It cannot be distributed by SAP NetWeaver Java SLD, or SLDR.  It cannot be consumed by SAP Focused Run. To share same landscape data with another SAP Solution Manager you need to install an additional SMD.

Attention: Cannot be consumed in parallel with the new Outside Discovery of the SAP Host Agent. This must be considered when planning the distribution of SLD Payload, if older SAP Solution Manager consuming landscape data.

3. System Landscape Data Router (SLDR) of Simple Diagnostics Agent (SDA)

The SLDR provides a functionality to distribute SLD DS payload.  It can be configured to support multiple inbound services with HTTP or HTTPS and different authentication methods (basic, certificate).  The SLDR does forward the SLD DS payload as received to all recipients configured, it does not do any processing on the payload. 

Features: Small foot print. The SLDR can be configured centrally in the SAP Focused Run (link to be created as part of this documentation)

Limitations: Only deployable with SAP Focused Run. Does not process and/or persist any landscape payload.

4. SAP Host Agent (SHA) 

SAP Host Agent (SHA) provides a new Outside Discovery (OD) for technical landscape data of non-SAP Products (OS, 2rd Party DB, MS IIS, IS EM)

Features: Provides web method for remote configuration (can be scripted for automation) to configure credentials where the payload is sent to. The format of the payload provided is fully LMDB compliant. Supports multiple payload destinations. Can also be distributed by NetWeaver Java SLD or SLDR. Can be consumed directly by SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager 72 ≥ SP7 or SAP Solution Manager 72 ≤ SP6 via SLD.

Limitations: Cannot be consumed by Solution Manger 7.2 < SP6.

Attention: SHA Outside Discovery cannot consumed in parallel with the Outside Discovery of the Solution Manager Diagnostic Agent. This must be considered when planning the distribution of SLD Payload if an older SAP Solution Manager consuming landscape data.

5. SAP NetWeaver Java SLD (SLD)

SAP NetWeaver Java SLD (SLD) provides besides other functionalities a SLD data processing for java to create CIM model object instances from the SLD payload.

Features: Are well-known and established (link)

Limitations: Has the foot print of a full NW Java system if you only utilize it to distribute the technical landscape data to different another consumer. It is not able to separate landscape data by customers, because it supports only one namespace “active”.

6. ABAP Stack of SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager

The ABAP stack contains the LMDB and provides besides other functionalities a SLD data processing for ABAP to create CIM model object instances from the SLD payload.

Features: In all SAP Focused Run version and with SAP Solution Manager 72 ≥ SP7 a SLD DS payload processing for ABAP is implemented. Technically no NetWeaver Java SLD is any longer needed to prepare the SLD DS 

Limitations: Older SAP Solution Manager version still need a SLD in to process the SLD payload. 

Attention: Since SAP Solution Manager ≤ SP6 (see SAP Note 2556432) you can switch of Outside Discovery by the Simple Diagnostics Agent)

7. Reverse Proxy

If in SAP Focused Run use cases a customer separation is wanted, a reverse proxy is needed between the SLD or the SLDR and the SAP Focused Run. Customer separation is not possible anymore, if SLD DS payload of two or more customers is distributed by a SLD or SLDR. 

8. Landscape Management Data Base (LMDB)

Function of ABAP Stack of SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager to provide an up to date landscape model for all processes.

Important to know: SAP Focused Run LMDB supports multiple namespaces (data separation by customer network). SAP Solution Manager LMDB support only one namespace “active” no data separation by customers possible.

9. SAP Support Backbone

Consumes Technical Landscape data for maintenance planer. Consumes Technical Landscape data provided by SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager.  Will not be mentions in the landscape graphics, only mentioned here to prevent misunderstandings

Attention: Planed SAP Support Backend upgrade. In case you run with older versions please consider upgrade of SAP Focused Run to 2.0 or SAP Solution Manager 7.2 >= SP7 (link).


One Path Rule

The System Landscape Directory on SAP NetWeaver Java and the System Landscape Data Router both do not provide filter functions for forwarding. All technical landscape data received will be forwarded to all configured forwarding targets.

The “One Path Rule” as known from former SLD topology still applies. It says that it is only allowed to forward SLD DS technical landscape data via one path to the SLD or the LMDB. If the same technical landscape data arrives via another path in parallel, can result in flickering CIM objects, or other unwanted side effects and even inconsistencies. 

The graphics below show the SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager as technical system data consumer and how to distribute the technical system data. If you have additional SLD data consumer like runtime SLD for PI or central SLD or separated DEV/QAS/PRD technical system landscape data, please apply the discussed rules as it fits for you.

Different Landscape Scenarios

One SAP Focused Run or One SAP Solution Manager 72 ≥ SP7

No payload distribution needed, SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager can process SLD payload in ABAP, i.e. no SLD is needed at all.

Also possible is the distribution of payload by a SLD or SLDR if this is of advantage, maybe for later distribution to other consumers. In this case you do not need to reconfigure the multiple SLD DS and SHA OD if you want to add an additional consumer.

Parallel Operation SAP Focused Run and Multiple SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as SLD DS Payload Consumer

Because product SLD DS can send the payload only to one destination, you need to distribute the payload to all consumers. The SHA OD is able to send data to multiple consumers. You can configure it to send data directly to the consumers. You always need to take care, that the SMD OD is switched off (see SAP Note 2556432). You can also configure the SHA OD to send the data to a the SLD or SLDR.

Starting with SAP Solution Manager 72 SP06, it is possible to switch off the Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent Outside Discovery. But the SAP Solution Manager SP06 ABAP is still not able to process the SLD DS payload. Therefore, the SLD DS and SHA OD payload must be processed first by a SLD on NetWeaver Java. Since SAP Solution Manager SP07 the ABAP Stack is able to process the SLD DS payload and data can be send directly.

You should know the version of your SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and if SMD OD is switched off or not. Important is the one-path rule, SLD DS payload must be send by one path only. This rule is valid vor all SLD payload, independent if it is send by SLD DS, SHA OD or SDA OD, else the LMDB will flicker.

The SAP HEC has a standardized payload distribution, which respects this. SAP HEC partners are requested to implement the same.