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Preparing Outside Discovery

In a classical SAP Solution Manager system landscapes, landscape descriptions are collected thanks to the SLD Data Suppliers. 

However, SAP Focused Run requires a dedicated description of all relevant hosts, databases, Microsoft IIS, Simple Diagnostics Agents and SAP Host Agent. 

This is achieved by the Outside Discovery (OD), being remotely performed by the SAP Host Agent (SHA), and sent as an SLD payload to the SAP Focused Run system (LMDB) either directly, or indirectly via a System Landscape Data Router (SLDR). 

The successfully discovery of a host, will lead LMDB to trigger a remote and automatic installation of a Simple Diagnostics Agents (SDA) on that host.

Prerequisite: Make sure that the Outside Discovery of the SAP Focused Run System (on all hosts) is performed before to execute Outside Discovery of Managed Systems. In this case, the SLD payload shall be sent using the user FRN_LDDS_<CID> associated to the LOCALNETWORK Customer Network, as described in the Master Guide


  • If you operate also SAP Solution Manager in parallel, pay attention to send any Outside Discovery SLD payload only to the SAP Focused Run LMDB. Refer to SAP Note 2369217 - Release Restrictions for SAP Focused Run 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager, in regards to limitations about the Outside Discovery.
  • The sapadm password chosen during the SAP Host Agent installation on the host, must be also used later on during the Customer Network Declaration phase and for the SM59 HTTP destination creation between managed Systems and SAP Focused Run.
  • Double check Outside Discovery of databases (not HANA DB which has an internal SLD Data Supplier) in the DB preparation page.

Please check the following table for the tasks, which are relevant for your specific environment:

TaskActionsOptions to achieve automation
Check SAP Notes (Only for Windows OS)

Check the following SAP notes:

Regular manual operations
Resolve network host names according to SAP standard recommendations Regular manual operations
Preparing Simple Diagnostics Agent Disk-Space on FilesystemYou want to calculate the needed HDD Disc-space for the Simple Diagnostics Agent on each host (physical or virtual), check SAP Note 2501820Regular manual operations
Preparing Simple Diagnostics Agent Installation

For a successful start of the JRE some platform dependent pre-requisites have to be fulfilled.

The Simple Diagnostics Agent is a Java process that brings its own SAP JRE 8.1 which is bundled with the installation. 

For a successful start of the JRE some platform dependent pre-requisites have to be fulfilled as stated in SAP Note 1367498.

Regular manual operations
Install SAP Host Agent

One SHA is required per host.

Version of SAP Host Agent must be:

  • At least REL 721 ≥ SP29.
  • for Advanced Configuration Monitoring or HANA DB monitoring we recommend REL 721 ≥ PL35.
  • for System Anomaly prediction REL 721 ≥ PL36 or SAP Note 2422465 applied.

Follow the SAP Hostagent installation Guide

Note: After the SAP Host Agent installation, the sapadm user shall have a valid password.

For SAP Focused Run the sapadm needs a password defined. For more information, see SAP Focused Run Security Guide, sections "Technical Users for Managed Systems" and "Technical Users for Managed OS". 

If you want to use client certificate authentication to the SAP Hostagent instead of sapadm please follow the SAP Hostagent recommendation for SSL and add the client's DN (Distinguished Name) to the HostAgent's SSO administrator list.

OS script-calling installation with (WGET or CURL on SW repository with HTTP server or SW repository on  a central share mounted everywhere

Virtualization:  Included in OS image software distribution tool

Upgrade SAP Host Agent if required

Recommended is to maintain the same SHA version landscape-wide for new features and bug fixes in order to reduce the operational effort.

See SAP Note 1031096 for SAP Host Agent Upgrade instructions.

Central share and set SHA parameter DIR_NEW

Remote SHA Web methods for upgrade called by LVM or other web clients

Check if an SLD Data Router (SLDR) is needed given your landscapeAs prerequisites, you need to choose, according to your landscape, if an SLDR is required see page Preparing System Landscape Data Router page.One time manual operation
Configure Outside Discovery

Without SLDR:
From hostctrl\exe as administrator or <sid>adm user:

./saphostctrl -function ConfigureOutsideDiscovery  -enable -sldusername FRN_LDDS_<CID> -sldpassword <Password> -sldhost <Reverse Proxy FQDN> -sldport <Reverse Proxy Port>

Note: About Reverse Proxy check again the Preparing Customer Network and Global settings page.

With SLDR:
From hostctrl\exe as administrator or <sid>adm user:

./saphostctrl -function ConfigureOutsideDiscovery  -enable -sldusername FRN_SLDS_<CID> -sldpassword <Password> -sldhost <FQDN> -sldport <Port>

Optional: add the -sldusessl parameter (boolean) if you have setup SSL/TLS destination and certificates between SAP Host agent and SAP Focused Run (see last Task below).


  • The ConfigureOutsideDiscovery handles both destination configuration and registration execution actions (it embeds the ExecuteOutsideDiscovery method), therefore, it is no more required to run ExecuteOutsideDiscovery. 
  • This ConfigureOutsideDiscovery method is also more secure (slddest.cfg no more created as root). Method documentation: hostctrl/exe/saphostctrl -help ConfigureOutsideDiscovery
  • The ConfigureOutsideDiscovery generates slddest_<sldhost FDQN>_<sldport Port>.cfg file (slddest.cfg no more exists), therefore, multiple config files can exists with different destinations. Therefore, if the ExecuteOutsideDiscovery method is used standalone, this will execute the registration using ALL the configuration destination files present in directory hostctrl\exe\config.d

Warning: The ExecuteOperation -configuresldreg operation must not be used any more for SHA REL 721 ≥ SP29 like it was done in older SHA versions. If SLDdest was configured before, make sure that slddest.cfg is readable for sapadm or execute ConfigureOutsideDiscovery again.

Note: Outside discovery can also be executed by the Preparation Tool. This is advised if you want to configure ABAP SLD DS and Kernel SLD DS with the same credentials as Outside Discovery.  The Preparation Tool can reuse the credentials for different tasks.

Note: The Outside Discovery can also be triggered via Launchpad -> "Agent Administration" -> Select the host and select: Mass Action =" Outside Discovery"

See the Managed System Preparation Troubleshooting page.

Can be automated by calling SHA Web methods (called by LAMA or other Web clients)
Enable SSL/TLS for calls to SAP Host AgentFollow the SAP Hostagent recommendation for sslCan be automated by OS script