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Following are support services delivered by SAP. Remote Services can be requested via our case channel in SAP for Me (SAP Note 2360708): when creating your request, select 'Product' Continuous Quality Check & Improvement Services > the select 'Product function' OnPremise & Hybrid Services or Cloud Services, depending on your system.

If you need assistance to submit your request, you may contact your local Customer Interaction Center (CIC).
Once you have ordered an SAP service, you will receive a confirmation of your inquiry in your Service Message Inbox. Depending on the planned date of a service session, you may receive further Service Messages, such as confirmation of date, preparation, reminder of the session, and eventually the Service Report.

Available Services

Service NameService Description
Data Management & Landscape Transformation SolutionsData Management & Landscape Transformation (DM&LT) offers a holistic set of solutions to serve all your company's data-related needs. DM&LT solutions help you solve business challenges such as mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, corporate restructuring, data harmonization and consolidation of IT landscapes.
SAP Advanced Audit for Customer COEs

The SAP Advanced Audit for Customer COEs provides the SAP proof point of successful IT operation process, quality management and a KPI driven continuous improvement process within a single source of truth for reporting and documentation.


To order the service, please send your contact information to the Global Customer COE Program.

SAP EarlyWatch AlertSAP EarlyWatch Alert is an important part of making sure your core business processes work. It is tool that monitors the essential administrative areas of SAP components and keeps you up to date on their performance and stability.
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SAP EarlyWatch CheckThe SAP EarlyWatch Check analyzes the components of your SAP solution, your operating system and database to determine how to optimize performance and keep your total cost of ownership to a minimum.
Service Level Reporting

Service Level Reporting facilitates a periodic reporting on various kinds of technical indicators that are relevant for the adherence to your specific service level agreements (SLAs) in systems and business processes of your solution landscape.

Service Level Reporting can be used as a supplement to SAP EarlyWatch Alert to enhance your reporting capabilities with regard to non-standard EWA report content and customer-specific alert thresholds for reporting.
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SAP General Ledger Migration Service

The General Ledger in SAP ERP (new G/L) encompasses some of the most important and exciting new functionality to become available in the SAP ERP Financials application in recent years. The migration from classic to new G/L or the subsequent implementation of further functionality within new G/L are projects that should not be underestimated; and the technical migration of data is a central part of such a project. Depending on each customer's individual scenario, this migration could mean a significant change to the live database, which must be safeguarded to ensure that historical data is kept intact. For this reason, SAP will accompany your migration with a service to address the technical aspects of such a project and help guide you safely through the migration process. The service is intended to complement your overall new G/L project.

To order the service, download and fill in the below questionnaire and e-mail it to the General Ledger Migration back office.

SAP GoingLive CheckThe SAP GoingLive Check safeguards your SAP solution to a smooth start of production. This proactive service mitigates the risks that arise from non-optimal system and business process configuration. It ensures a technically robust operation from the beginning and therefore protects your business.
SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade CheckA changing business environment requires constant adaption of your business solutions and may lead to release upgrades of your SAP systems. To facilitate SAP release upgrades, SAP offers the SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check that optimally prepares your system to operate efficiently in the upgraded environment.
SAP OS/DB Migration CheckIf at any stage of the SAP software life cycle you should need to change your operating system and/or database, the SAP OS/DB Migration Check optimally prepares you for a successful migration and supports smooth continued operations on the new platform.
SAP Recertification for ACCOEs

The SAP Advanced Recertification for Customer is used for the verification of the advanced certification status and the KPI based planning of the Customer COE improvement. The goal of the service is to ensure a high level of maturity and a continuous improvement of the Customer COE.


To order the service, please send your contact information to the Global Customer COE Program.

SAP Remote Performance OptimizationThe SAP Remote Performance Optimization Service tackles bottlenecks having a large impact on your system performance. It focuses on SQL statement optimization, customer program optimization, application optimization or on the analysis of the SAP R/3 basis.
SAP Security Optimization Service PortfolioThe SAP Security Optimization Service Portfolio is designed to verify and improve the security of the SAP systems of customers by identifying potential security issues and giving recommendations on how to improve the security of the systems.
SAP Trust Center ServicesCertificate-based authentication and single sign-on procedures provide a high level of security for applications with highly sensitive company data. Procedures for reliable trust relationship management, such as authentication delegation, single sign-on, and impersonation have become practically indispensable, bridging the security gap between users, systems, and applications. A reliable trust center, the core of public-key infrastructures, issues digital certificates, tying a digital identity to the user. Information about the SAP Cloud Trust Center.
SAP Upgrade Weekend SupportThe SAP Upgrade Weekend Support is delivered remotely by two SAP support consultants. In line with your upgrade project, SAP schedules SAP Upgrade Weekend Support to minimize risk during your upgrade's go-live date. This date generally lies on a weekend, an extended weekend or over holidays. Two SAP support consultants are on-duty for your upgrade project team. If an issue arises, the SAP support consultants ensure that the message processing cycle begins and that SAP's global resources are readily accessible.