SAP Service Level Reporting

Service Level Reporting on Service Level Agreements for your SAP Solution

Service Level Reporting (SLR) is an automatic service for monitoring ABAP and Java systems. It facilitates a periodic reporting on various kinds of technical indicators that are relevant for the adherence to your specific service level agreements (SLAs) in systems and business processes of your solution landscape. This service is covered by your maintenance agreement with SAP with no extra charge and can be setup by yourself for either weekly or monthly reporting.

An easy-to-use setup allows flexible customization of reporting contents and offers you broad possibilities to create report documents that are tailor-made for your individual requirements. Using similar technology, you can think of Service Level Reporting as an ideal addition to SAP EarlyWatch Alert (SAP EWA) to enhance your reporting capabilities regarding non-standard report content and customer-specific alert thresholds for reporting.

Value Proposition and Delivery

Value Proposition

With Service Level Reporting you can document the adherence to predetermined service level agreements (SLAs) within your organization with an easy-to-use tool. Once set up and customized, the Service Level Reporting supplies you automatically with a self-defined overview of system indicators and informs you periodically about their status. Service Level Reporting can also serve as a pro-active mean which allows you to detect critical developments in your solution landscape before SLAs get endangered.

Service providers may use this tool to create fully automated, but nonetheless individualized reports, that can be handed over to their different customers and service partners.


Service Level Reporting is included in your maintenance agreement with SAP. It can be used as a supplement to SAP EarlyWatch Alert to enhance your reporting capabilities regarding non-standard EWA report content and customer-specific alert thresholds. Like SAP EWA you can activate it by yourself using the “Configuration - Service Level Reporting” application in the “SAP Engagement and Service Delivery” work group of your SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.


  • A Service Level Report represents a customized collection of metrics about technical system indicators for a dedicated subset of systems or for a dedicated solution landscape, if used.
  • One report may comprise from one up to all systems of your system landscape or it can be restricted to the solution it may be assigned to.
  • There are two options for periodicity and reporting time frame: A report may either run weekly, reporting the statistics for the preceding calendar week, or monthly, consolidating the statistics for the preceding calendar month.
  • The SAP Solution Manager operations framework is in charge of invoking fully automated, periodic Service Level Reports which are based on your current SLR customizing settings.
  • The concept of report variants facilitates different views on a system or system landscape regarding report content and time horizon. An arbitrary number of different report variants can be set up for each subset of systems or for each solution landscape, if used. The report variants may differ in systems comprised or may have different periodicity and topics covered.
  • All report variants can be viewed and downloaded in the “Service Level Reports” application of work group “SAP Engagement and Service Delivery”.
  • Each report can be distributed automatically via email according to the email recipients maintained in your recipient list which is stored for the Service Level Report application.

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Service Level Reporting (SLR) belongs to the SAP Solution Manager tool suite for system monitoring services. It facilitates a periodic reporting on various kinds of technical indicators that are relevant for the adherence to your specific service level agreements (SLAs) in systems and business processes of your solution landscape. Service Level Reporting is used for reactive reporting of past events. It is not suitable for real-time monitoring purposes and does not contribute to the alerting framework of SAP Solution Manager.

ST-SER 720 on SP05 is the minimum prerequisite on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - SAP Note 2249101.

Use quicklink for documentation materials and best practices. Additionally, take notice of several SAP FAQ Notes available on component SV-SMG-MON-SLR.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert (SAP EWA) is a standard reporting tool with predetermined contents, thresholds and periodicity. In contrast, Service Level Reporting comes with its own setup workbench and supports free customizing of these items. Beyond that, Service Level Reporting can collect statistics from additional data sources which are not accessed by SAP EWA, such as SAP CCMS or BW info providers.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a mandatory data supplier for Service Level Reporting. Depending on your individual reporting focus, the following additional data suppliers can be employed on your SAP Solution Manager*:

  • Standard BW info providers from the Monitoring and Alerting Framework (MAI) or other info providers from the standard SAP Solution Manager BW framework - SAP Note 1233116.
  • Customer-specific BW info providers available on the SAP Solution Manager or any other BW system remotely connected to the SAP Solution Manager - SAP Note 1233116.
  • SAP Computing Center Management System / Central Performance History (CCMS/CPH) - SAP Notes 872569 and SAP Notes 94496.

*Strategy Note

SAP CCMS/CPH is SAPs classic monitoring infrastructure for technical metrics and is part of SAP BASIS since SAP R/3. It is still actively used in many installations and can easily be added to your Service Level Report without major effort. Today, with SAP Solution Manager, SAPs approach is to move towards a BW-based monitoring infrastructure (Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure, MAI) which serves as a common data source for many application operations and monitoring tools, such as System Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, Business Process Monitoring and others.
Service Level Reporting deliberately provides access to both infrastructures. You might use them in a complementary way to cover all requested objects of reporting. Please remember that future enhancements regarding the available set of monitoring objects will take place exclusively in the BW-based infrastructure.

Besides its basic function as a data supplier for particular SLR report contents, SAP EWA serves as a generic data collector and preprocessor for nearly all kind of statistics displayed later in the Service Level Report. For this reason, running SAP EWA once a week is essential before SLR can be processed.

You can activate and customize Service Level Reporting using the SLR Setup workbench. You can access the SLR setup through application tile "Configuration - Service Level Reporting". This application is part of the work group "SAP Engagement and Service Delivery" in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.

You can access your Service Level Reports through application tile "Service Level Reports". This application is part of the work group "SAP Engagement and Service Delivery" in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.

You can configure weekly and monthly reports. The reports will be periodically provided on the weekday of processing that you have specified in your SLR Setup. Earliest availability of weekly reports is on Monday of the following week. Earliest availability of monthly reports is on Monday of the first complete week of the following month. Note that it is not possible to schedule a report by calendar date.

Report variants can be used to vary amount and selection of included systems or monitoring objects as well as for varying contents and output formats of your Service Level Report. This enables you to create different views on your report data or to summarize different subsets of systems in each variant. You can create an arbitrary number of variants which may vary in the number of systems they include. You may also vary the kind of contents displayed for each system and so on. SLR report variants are exclusively administered from the SLR Setup workbench.

Starting with SAP Solution Manager release 7.2, the way of using solutions has changed. Organizing systems and business processes by means of different solutions is not mandatory anymore. Hence Service Level Reporting is also not restricted by any solution boundary anymore with this release. Nevertheless, Service Level Report setup stays compatible to the solution documentation approach and supports subdividing your system landscape into an arbitrary amount of coequal solutions.
Especially for service provider environments or at large customer installations with a high amount of systems it is recommended to make use of the solution documentation to facilitate a clearly arranged SLR setup. For details about solution documentation

You can open a customer incident on SAP incident component SV-SMG-MON-SLR.