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SAP EarlyWatch Alert

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is an automatic service analyzing the essential administrative areas of an SAP system. Alerts indicate critical situations and give solutions to improve performance and stability. To check and display these alerts, SAP offers the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace, where you can also download the complete results as a report document.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is most effective when activated for all SAP components in your solution. It gives an overview on KPIs and alerts on a weekly basis. It is covered by your maintenance agreement with SAP with no extra charge, and it is a technical prerequisite to deliver other remote services.

Why use SAP EarlyWatch Alert?

Key Collaboration Views and Benefits

Landscape Summary
Fiori Overview Page

  • Shows the entire solution landscape in one page
  • Identify top risks for business continuity
  • Recommendation for improvements given

Alert List per Landscape
Powered by HANA Text Search

  • Aggregated and prioritized alert view
  • Proven recommendation for risk mitigation
  • Easy to use search feature

Dashboard per System
Using Embedded Analytics

  • Identify serious bottlenecks
  • Find critical trends in KPIs
  • Top critical KPI per system

Predictive Alerts
Powered by HANA Predictive Analytics Library

  • Timely forecasts of critical situations
  • Avoid business downtimes well in advance

Security Risks per Landscape
Security Overview card

  • Get secure and stay secure
  • Hardening of security settings
  • All security alerts in one place

Active Collaboration
Exchange finding and insights easily

  • Exchange alerts and recommendations via mail with your colleagues and peers
  • Share findings using EWA Workspace
  • Searchability

Stay Informed
Automatic update of KPI and alerts

  • Weekly update of system status
  • Weekly recalculation of alerts
  • Automatic notification about critical alerts via mail

How to access EarlyWatch Alert Applications?

SAP for Me displays all the applications in one place

To access EarlyWatch Alert Applications, including

  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace
  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert Reports
  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard
  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert Solution Finder

open SAP for Me, navigate to Services & Support and select the Diagnostics, Reporting & Analytics tab. All the applications can be found in one place. 

Get started: The SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace

SAP recommends to check and display the alerts within the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace.

SAP for Me

Access the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace in the SAP for Me.

*To access SAP for Me, a S-User is needed.

Filter your Results

Filter for systems, customer, products and more to get the right results.

Enable Notifications

Get informed automatically by email on critical findings in your SAP system landscape. 

Key Elements of SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace

For a convenient access to the SAP EarlyWatch Alert information, use the  SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace. This cloud service is available as a tile in the SAP for Me. It is the central landing page which gives a comprehensive overview on your system landscape regarding stability, configuration, hardware utilization and performance. Drill-downs into KPI time series for a long-time range are provided, e.g. database growth, SAP HANA CPU and memory utilization and response times. A global search over all service alerts and recommendations offers a more efficient way to get a task list to improve the landscapes' health.

An authorized S-user is needed to access. You need an authorized S-user with the authorization Service Reports & Feedback on customer number level. The authorizations for SAP for Me are provided by the Super Administrator on the customer side (see SAP Note 1996168 and About the user, authorization and administrator concept). For Value Added Resellers, see also SAP Note 2627899.

Additional Services

Best Practices for SAP EarlyWatch Workspace Service

SAP offers the service "Best Practices for SAP EarlyWatch Workspace" to explain and practice with SAP EarlyWatch Workspace how to evaluate risks, critical alerts and predictive ratings in your SAP solution landscape. Based on EarlyWatch Alert data and recommendation IT teams are able to avoid major business impact following and implementing the recommendation in the report.

The service is available for Premium Engagements (SAP MaxAttention, SAP Active Attention, SAP ActiveEmbedded). Please contact the Premium Engagements front office team for more details.

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