Predictive Analytics with SAP EarlyWatch Alert

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is an automatic service analyzing the essential administrative areas of an SAP system. Alerts indicate critical situations and give solutions to improve performance and stability. To check and display these alerts in the corresponding reports, SAP offers the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is most effective when activated for all SAP components in your solution. It is covered by your maintenance agreement with SAP with no extra charge, and it is a technical prerequisite to perform other remote delivery services. It gives an overview on KPIs and alerts on a weekly basis.

Value Proposition and Delivery

Value Proposition

Keeping total cost of ownership low and the performance of your SAP solution high is a tremendous value to your business – a value delivered by the SAP EarlyWatch Alert. Knowing the status of each SAP component in your solution allows you to:

  • greatly minimize the risk of downtime.
  • react to issues such as bottlenecks before they become critical.
  • know what is affecting the performance and stability of your solution.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert aims to ensure smooth operation of individual SAP components by taking action proactively, before severe technical problems occur. This analytics tool is based on experience with thousands of installations giving you a tool to save time, reduce costs and keep your SAP solution running smoothly.


SAP EarlyWatch Alert is included in your maintenance agreement with SAP. You activate it for each of your SAP components via SAP Solution Manager. Use the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Management guided procedure of the SAP Solution Manager configuration Launchpad app. Among the SAP systems for which the SAP EarlyWatch Alert is available are all systems running on an SAP NetWeaver ABAP or SAP NetWeaver Java platform and certain SAP BusinessObjects systems. For a complete overview of supported products see SAP Note 1257308.

You can read the reports from your SAP Solution Manager or email them to assigned recipients. However, SAP recommends to use the cloud-based SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace, the central landing page for a comprehensive overview on your system landscape regarding stability, configuration, hardware utilization and performance. Here you can read the reports in a new format containing all details on alerts and recommendations, drill-downs into KPI time series, and forecasts for possible future issues. It offers comprehensive function for personalization and global search. If you use the Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager solution, reports for Java and SAP BusinessObjects systems can also be found in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace app.