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SAP Security Optimization Services Portfolio

SAP Security Optimization Service Portfolio ensures smooth operation of your SAP solution by taking action proactively, before severe security problems occur.

Best Practices

Keeping the security and availability of your SAP solution high is a tremendous value to your business. Analysis will:

  • decrease the risk of a system intrusion.
  • ensure the confidentiality of your business data.
  • ensure the authenticity of your users.
  • substantially reduce the risk of costly downtime due to wrong user interaction.

This SAP Security Optimization Services Portfolio topics:

This area is best if you are interested in general SAP Security Optimization Services and want an overview.

This area gives you an entry point into different topic areas such as Security Patch Management or Security Configuration Analysis.

This area provides you with an overview and links to further information on service offerings, including information and best practices, tools and self-services, remote and on-site service offerings, and more systematic engagement models.


SAP Security Notes Advisory (May 2023)

Security Notes Webinar (pdf) (May 2023)
or (February 2023, temporary content freeze)

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Security Overview

Security Topics Area

Security Services, Tools and Information

Best practices-based security services

SAP enables its customers to protect their business processes through a comprehensive security portfolio turned into services. We take the security chapter of the EarlyWatch Alert as a starting point to offer detailed services mainly around the Security Optimization Service ant the Security Notes which are published on SAP Support Portal and shown in the application System Recommendations of the SAP Solution Manager.

Combining the results of these services with the existing Security Policy of the company we define the company's SAP Security Baseline. This document is then used do define Target Systems for the application Configuration Validation in the SAP Solution Manager. You can either use the cross-system BW reports of that application directly or you can pass results to another reporting infrastructure like a Management Dashboard within the SAP Solution Manager, to Business Objects, to GRC Process Control or any other reporting system.


Media Library

_SAP Security Notes AdvisoryZIP2023-05
_Security Notes Webinar 
RFC Gateway and Message Server SecurityPDF2019-06
SAP CoE Security Services - Check Configuration & AuthorizationPDF2020-01
SAP CoE Security Services - OverviewPDF2020-01
SAP CoE Security Services - Secure Operations MapPDF2020-01
SAP CoE Security Services - Security Patch ProcessPDF2023-03
SAP CoE Security Services - Security Baseline Template Version 1.9 (including ConfigVal Package version 1.9_CV-5)ZIP2018-08
SAP CoE Security Services - Security Baseline Template Version 2.4.1 
(including ConfigVal and Dashboard Builder Package 2.4_CV-1)
see KBA 2253549
Security Baseline Template Version 2.4 Policies for FRUNGitHub2023-04
Arbeitspapier - SAP Security Patch Day (German)PDF2012-08
Working Paper - SAP Security Patch Day (English)PDF2012-08
Configuration Validation WIKI (current version see online version)PDF2021-10

Note 863362 - Security checks in SAP EarlyWatch Alert, EarlyWatch and GoingLive sessions


WIKI about EWA - Security




EarlyWatch Alert Report - Sample of Security ChapterPDF2020-05
Factsheet Security EngagementPDF2017-10
HANA Security Remote Service ContentPDF2016-10
RFC Security v1.2 (from 2004-2008)PDF2008-07
SAP Cloud Platform - Neo Environment - Security
SEC204 – Live on Stage: Monthly Security Patch Webinar about System Recommendations on SAP Solution Manager 7.2PDF2016-11
SIS261 Cross-System Security Validation using SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (Exercises)PDF2014-11
SCI262 Cross-System Security Validation Using SAP Solution Manager 7.1PDF2014-11
SCI262 Cross-System Security Validation Using SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (Recording)MP42014-11
SIS264 Securing Remote Access within SAP NetWeaver AS ABAPPDF2012-11
SOS: Get List of ALL Detected UsersPDF2010-05
Security Optimization Self Service - OverviewPDF2010-05
How to run the SOS on SAP Solution Manager 7.2PDF2020-12
SAP Continuous Quality Check (CQC) for Security Optimization ServicePDF2023-05
Security Optimization Self-Service - QuestionnairePDF2013-02
Security Optimization Self-Service - Sample Report for ABAPPDF2022-09
Security Optimization Self-Service - Sample Report for HANAPDF2020-05
Security Optimization Self-Service - Sample Report for JAVAPDF2018-12
Security Optimization Service - Sample Report for SAP BTPPDF2022-05
Security Optimization Service - ABAP ChecksPDF2020-04
Security Optimization Service - HANA ChecksPDF2020-04
Security Optimization Service - JAVA ChecksPDF2020-04
Security Optimization Service - SummaryPDF2010-05
Security Optimization Service - Watcher GuidePPT2010-06
Verify Users AuthorizationPDF2012-08