Note Assistant

Easy and Continuous Improvement for your SAP Solution

Note Assistant is a powerful tool for rapidly implementing specific SAP Notes. Note Assistant makes it easy to install specific corrections to SAP solutions. It also recognizes any dependencies on SAP Notes, Support Packages, and modifications that have already been implemented, which helps to ensure you implement all appropriate fixes for your SAP solutions. These capabilities make Note Assistant a useful complement to SAP's support services.

Digitally Signed SAP Notes

Enable your ABAP systems for upload/download of digitally signed SAP Notes by end of 2019

SAP Notes are made secure with digital signing of each SAP Note. With SAP Support Backbone update and mandatory digital signing of SAP Notes, download and upload process of SAP Notes has changed.  The digitally signed SAP Notes are available as SAR files. All SAP Notes downloaded through SAP ONE Support Launchpad are digitally signed SAR files. 

Post January 8, 2020, the download and upload process will stop working unless Note Assistant (SNOTE transaction) is enabled in ABAP systems to work with digitally signed SAP Notes.

We offer a guided approach which bundles all the actions required into an SAP Note 2836302, saving you considerable amount of time. For detailed understanding of each step in the guided approach, please refer PDF attached to SAP Note 2836302

Else, find the details of the individual steps that needs to be performed below: 

1. All relevant SAP Notes are implemented in your ABAP systems. 

  • To enable Note Assistant (SNOTE) for downloading and uploading digitally signed SAP Notes, please implement SAP Notes  24080732546220 and 2508268.
  • An equivalent Transport-Based Correction Instruction (TCI) is available as SAP Note 2576306 containing the SAP Notes 24080732546220 and 2508268. If the Note Assistant in your ABAP system is enabled for TCI, It is recommended to implement TCI SAP Note 2576306 instead of applying the above individual SAP Notes.

2.  For SAP_BASIS Releases 740 and above, you have enabled one of the following procedures for SAP Notes download: HTTP protocol or Download service

3. As of Monday November 30th, 2020 systems with SAP_BASIS release between 7.00 and 7.31 will no longer be allowed to download SAP Notes using RFC channel; up until then RFC calls will only be permitted through a technical communication user. For further details, please refer SAP Note 2923799.

Refer to the table below for a quick check on what this means for you:

If your SAP_BASIS release is...The impact for you starting 2020...How you can be prepared...
Below 700SAPOSS/SAPNOTE will not work. Manually upload SAP Note as .txt.ABAP systems can not be enabled to consume digitally signed SAP Notes automatically, hence manual process needs to be followed.
700 to 731SAPOSS/SAPSNOTE will not work from Monday November 30th, 2020
  • Use Download Service as an alternative


  • HTTP Protocol (Enabled via SAP Note 2928592)
740 and aboveSAPOSS/SAPSNOTE will not work

Enable one of the following download procedures:

  • HTTP protocol (The SAP kernel must be 7.42 PL400 above)


  • Use Download Service as an alternative

Resources (Regarding RFC usage for releases between 7.00 and 7.31, please refer above table for the latest information)

SAP Note Transport-based Correction Instruction (TCI)

SAP Note Transport-based Correction Instruction (TCI) is a new way to deliver ABAP corrections in a flexible manner. With TCI, you have the following advantages:

  • TCIs are integrated in Note Assistant and upgrade process
  • TCIs are implemented automatically in one single step
  • TCIs are automatically reimplemented with next Support Package update
  • ABAP Download Service can automatically download needed TCI packages together with SAP Notes

Enabling Note Assistant for SAP Note Transport-Based Correction Instructions

By default, the Note Assistant tool cannot consume TCIs, unless SAP BASIS of the ABAP system is at a certain SP level. In case ABAP system is not at the prerequisite SP level, you should enable the Note Assistant (NA) tool to consume the TCIs. To do so, you must implement relevant SAP Notes. These SAP Notes are called as bootstrap SAP Notes and differ depending on the SAP_BASIS releases.
Enabling the Note Assistant for SAP Note TCI varies for different releases. For more information please refer below links:

See also:


Enhanced Note Assistant

An enhanced version of Note Assistant is available with SAP NetWeaver 7.0, SAP NetWeaver 2004, Support Package Stack 13 and SAP Web AS 6.20 and Basis Support Package 55.

ReleaseCurrent VersionSAP Note
SAP Web AS 6.20Support Package level SAPKB62055 - Enhanced version875986
NetWeaver 2004Support Package level SAPKB64013 - Enhanced version875986
NetWeaver 7.0Support Package level SAPKB70005 - Enhanced version875986
NetWeaver 7.1Enhanced version is part of standard deliveryN/A

Note Assistant

Note Assistant is available from Release 4.6C. From SAP Web Application Server 6.10, it is integrated in the standard delivery. For releases below SAP Web AS 6.10, Note Assistant is delivered as an add-on. The current add-on version of Note Assistant is Version 1.2. You can download the add-on SAP NOTES for release 4.6C. To upgrade from a version below 1.2, you just need to install the add-on package using the SAP Add-On Installation Tool (SAP Basis 4.X) or import the corresponding Support Package (SAP Web AS 6.X).

Release Current Version SAP Note
4.6c SAPKB46C25 (or higher): Version 1.2 560756
SAP Web AS 6.10 Support Package level SAPKB61027: Version 1.2 560756

Enhanced Note Assistant

An enhanced version of Note Assistant has been available with Basis Support Package 55 for SAP Web AS 6.20, Support Package Stack 13 for SAP NetWeaver 2004 and higher releases. Compared to the previous version of Note Assistant, this new version offers greatly enhanced functions. It supports a wider range of objects and allows the delivery of new objects with SAP Notes.

Changes have been made to the following functions:

SAP Note Implementation

  • Previously, Note Assistant could only implement corrections to ABAP source code. It is now possible to implement corrections to other ABAP repository objects, such as properties, parameters and definitions.
  • It is also now possible to create new objects by implementing a SAP Note.

These changes reduce the number of manual tasks necessary, both before and after implementation of the SAP Note.

SAP Note Display Interface

  • The SAP Note display interface has been adapted so as to take account of these changes. The various parts of the corrections contained in the SAP Note are placed in a tree structure, and can be displayed individually in a detail display.
  • The SAP Note text is now displayed in PDF format.
  • The SAP Note log has been integrated into the tree structure.

SAP Notes created for the enhanced version of Note Assistant can be implemented with earlier versions of this tool. However, earlier versions of Note Assistant can implement source code only. If an SAP Note contains changes to other objects as well, you may have to perform manual activities in addition to the implementation with Note Assistant.

To ensure that you can use all the functions contained in the enhanced version of Note Assistant, we recommend that you import the Support Package containing the enhanced version of Note Assistant.

For all future releases of SAP NetWeaver, the enhanced version of Note Assistant will be included in the standard delivery.

Note Assistant Versions