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SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check

Optimal Performance After a Release Upgrade of SAP Software

A changing business environment requires adapting your business solutions, and may lead to release upgrades of your SAP systems. To facilitate SAP release upgrades, SAP offers the SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check that optimally prepares your system to operate efficiently in the upgraded environment.

Value Proposition

You prevent unforeseen costs before, during and after your upgrade by using this service:

  • In the phase of upgrade preparation it plans for the reliability of future system resources and detects challenges early - before they lead to costly problems.
  • During the upgrade it minimizes cost-intensive system downtimes.
  • You benefit even further, after the upgrade, with optimal use of your system resources.
  • The planning session efficiently attacks your upgrade related cost drivers to ensure a safe upgrade at lowest cost

The underlying concept of the SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check is to proactively ensure a smooth operation of your SAP solution, before severe technical problems occur. The service is based on thousands of installations giving you experience that saves time, reduces costs and keeps your SAP solution running smoothly.

Delivery Type

The SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check consists of two service sessions - Analysis and Verification session. The delivery of the individual sessions takes place at key phases in the upgrade project. The Analysis session takes place after the project start while the Verification session takes place after the final upgrade.

In Detail

SAP release upgrades enable you to take advantage of functional and operational enhancements. To benefit the most from the enhancements, your upgrade plan needs to consider lots of issues and details. Planning carefully ensures a less expensive upgrade project and afterward an SAP solution that works to its full potential. With the SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check, you get careful planning and efficient support for your upgrade project and you benefit immediately from the enhancements the upgrade brings.

The SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check also supports the change to an Unicode environment. Find out more Unicode information.


The SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check is most applicable when you are planning an SAP release upgrade for your SAP system (SAP R/3, SAP BW, etc). The SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check consists of several sessions.

The Analysis Session

An SAP release upgrade normally requires some changes in the SAP system, database, and operating system configuration. Hardware must also meet the new requirements. In the analysis session, potential resource bottlenecks are identified prior to performing the upgrade and can therefore be corrected in advance. To allow you to acquire any necessary hardware components in time, the session is held approximately eight weeks prior to the upgrade.

As a result of the Analysis Session, you receive an extensive report containing detailed recommendations for optimizing performance. Some of the recommendations can be implemented before the SAP release upgrade, while other parameters have to be considered after the upgrade.

The Verification Session

The Verification Session should take place approximately six weeks after the technical SAP release upgrade has been performed and the recommendations from the analysis session have been implemented. This session provides corrective measures for avoiding potential bottlenecks. It consists of a system analysis which checks system performance after the upgrade. This includes, for example, a runtime comparison of transactions before and after the upgrade. In this way, any areas in your system that need additional optimization can be identified promptly.

After the verification session, you receive the results of the system analysis and the recommendations for improving system performance in a detailed report.

Service Procedure & Prerequisites

Convenient delivery dates are scheduled with you. Prior to the service sessions, programs run in the background of your system to collect essential data about performance and resource utilization. After an extensive analysis of your system and its data, you receive a detailed report complete with results and recommendations.

To fully benefit from the service, SAP strongly recommends to activate SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

To get ready for the delivery of this service please refer to the service preparation details.