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SAP Upgrade Weekend Support

The SAP Upgrade Weekend Support service supports customers during their project - upgrade, migration and go-live.

This date generally lies on a weekend, extended weekend or over holidays (duration of 60 hours). This service is delivered per SystemID/Installation. 

You are assigned two named contact persons from SAP who are dedicated to your project for the designated weekend. These contact people are on-duty to speed up the resolution process by tracking the messages created by your upgrade project team until their resolution (within the support time frame).

Delivery Details

The SAP Upgrade Weekend Support is delivered remotely by two SAP support consultants. In line with your upgrade project, SAP schedules SAP Upgrade Weekend Support to minimize risk during your upgrade go-live date, which generally falls on a weekend or holiday.  If an issue arises, we ensure that the message processing cycle begins and that SAP's global resources are accessible.

With SAP Upgrade Weekend Support, you save time and money with:

  • direct SAP contact to accelerate access to SAP experts.
  • coordinated communication with SAP's worldwide resource.

SAP Upgrade Weekend Support can assist you when:

  • you are performing a critical technical upgrade.
  • you expect difficulties during the go-live.

Note: While SAP Upgrade Weekend Support is targeted to support most projects, it is not available for BOBJ products and there may be limitations on support for specific products / add-ons  / applications / components. 

You are contacted by an SAP Support Consultant in the week before the go-live weekend. Contact details for the weekend are exchanged - for example, telephone and mobile numbers, e-mail addresses. A current status of the project and any additional concerns can be highlighted at this time

You are assigned two named contact persons from SAP who are dedicated to your project for the designated weekend. These SAP support consultants are on-duty to speed up the resolution process of messages created by your upgrade project team. The SAP support consultants track the messages until they are solved.

Cover starts at the pre-agreed time. The minimum contract has a duration of 60 hours and is usually from 18:00 (6:00 pm) on Friday to 06:00am on Monday morning, but can be modified to suit business needs. If extended service is needed additional service for two days can be booked. If a problem is encountered during the weekend, you create a message with Very High priority and the named support consultants should be contacted with the message number immediately.

The SAP support consultants will track the message and communicate internally with support colleagues in an effort to speed up the message solving process. They can liaise with processors and duty managers, help co-ordinate if there is a cross-over in time zones and keep you updated at all times.

Learn more on SAP Upgrade Weekend Support.

This remote service has a minimum duration of 60 hours over a weekend or extended holiday weekend. This service is billable and should your project requirements exceed the core weekend, you can purchase additional coverage for two days service.

Note that it's a two service days for MaxAttention / Embedded customers.

The prerequisites for the SAP Upgrade Weekend Support are as follows:

Time Frame

Orders for this service should be submitted a minimum of two weeks before your upgrade weekend.

Project Information

Information on your upgrade project is essential. It enables SAP to gain an insight into the upgrade project, understand your core business processes, and recognize critical issues. Your project team must provide all the necessary information and documents relevant to the upgrade and core business processes prior to the upgrade weekend.

Technical Requirements

  • Access to all relevant SAP systems
  • SAP Solution Manager

Order SAP Upgrade Weekend Support

Order SAP Upgrade Weekend Support by creating a case using the SV-BO-REQ component.

For additional assistance, you can contact the Customer Interaction Center.