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SAP EarlyWatch Check

Analysis for Optimal Performance of your SAP Solutions

The SAP EarlyWatch Check analyzes the components of your SAP solution, your operating system, and database to determine how to optimize performance and keep your total cost of ownership to a minimum. The results of the analysis and the actions necessary to optimize your solution's performance are listed in a final report and/or your SAP Solution Manager.

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Value Proposition

Keeping total cost of ownership low and the performance of your SAP solution high is a tremendous value to your business – a value delivered by the SAP EarlyWatch Check. Analysis is the key to this value, it arms you with the information you need to:

  • Eliminate costly performance bottlenecks
  • Improve response times and, as a result, acceptance by end-users
  • Make optimal use of your hardware investment
  • Substantially reduce the risk of costly downtime

SAP EarlyWatch Check aims to ensure smooth operation of your SAP solution by taking action proactively, before severe technical problems occur. This check is based on tens of thousands of installations, giving you experience that saves time, reduces costs and keeps your SAP solution running smoothly.


A convenient delivery date is scheduled with you when the SAP EarlyWatch Check is triggered. Two weeks before service delivery, programs run in the background of your SAP component to collect data. This data is the basis for the analysis performed by the check. The collection of data and the delivery of this service do not affect your productive operations. All results are collected in a final report and/or your SAP Solution Manager.


The SAP EarlyWatch Check is best applied when SAP EarlyWatch Alert is rated red, or when you yourself have noticed less than optimal performance or availability from one or more of the components within your SAP solution.

During delivery, the SAP EarlyWatch Check analyzes the performance of and any errors in the SAP component including the database. It provides performance and error analysis by evaluating statistical data gathered from the component. The analysis includes the following:

  • Current status
  • Response times for the most commonly used transactions
  • Transactions with the highest resource consumption
  • Workload distribution
  • Hardware utilization
  • Occurrence of errors
  • Database administration
  • Performance and bottleneck analysis

After the analysis is complete, you receive a final report, which focuses on client/server load distribution and foreseeable bottlenecks. It describes the implications of problematic areas discovered by the check, and gives detailed suggestions for solving the problems. Charts, diagrams, and tables aid in carrying out the suggestions made in the report.

One delivery of the SAP EarlyWatch Check is applied to one component of your SAP solution, identifiable by installation number. To analyze multiple components, the respective number of SAP EarlyWatch Checks must be ordered.

Additional SAP EarlyWatch Checks are applicable when you extend your hardware resources, upgrade, migrate to a new operating system and/or database, add new users or add further applications to your SAP solution.

Service Procedure & Prerequisites

The SAP EarlyWatch Check is triggered by you or by the SAP EarlyWatch Alert, which checks your systems on a weekly basis. When the SAP EarlyWatch Alert is rated red, the related data is sent to SAP. Experienced SAP service engineers then review your situation. If there are any vital issues with your production system, SAP schedules an SAP EarlyWatch Check.

A minimum of two weeks prior to the service delivery, your system administrator is responsible for ensuring that all technical prerequisites are fulfilled. The "Service Delivery Readiness" tool will support your system administrator in this task.

At the scheduled service delivery date, SAP performs the session by extensively analyzes your component and its data. All results and recommendations are collected in a final report that is available to the customer.

The SAP EarlyWatch Check is only available for production systems.
To fully benefit from the service, SAP strongly recommends to have the managed system for which the service should be requested to run on an ABAP stand and send EWA data periodically. "Service Data Quality and Service Readiness" should be rated green in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace.

To get ready for the delivery of this service please refer to the service preparation details.