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Tools For Support Service Sessions

SAP recommends that you execute support service sessions in SAP Solution Manager. Prepare your managed SAP system and your SAP Solution Manager system to enable the delivery of planned support service sessions. 

Support Tools for ABAP Systems

Use the below direct links to download Support tools software for service preparation. The same download pages can also be reached through Software Downloads > Installations and Upgrades or Support packages and Patches > A-Z Index > S > ST-PI or ST-A/PI.

Solution Tools Plug-In ST-PI

Add-on ST-PI and the corresponding support packages contain the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN), which controls the collection and transfer of data analysed during a service session. They also contain various function modules needed for data collection. Additionally, they contain reports which are executed by function modules during data collection.

Download ST-PI

SAP Note

More information can be found in SAP Note 539977 - Release strategy for add-on ST-PI.

Service Tools for Applications Plug-In ST-A/PI

Add-on ST-A/PI contains application-specific data collectors which contribute to data collections with SDCCN, to business process monitoring or change management in SAP Solution Manager. It contains analysis tools like application analysis ST14 and trace tools like ST12. Another important feature is service preparation check RTCCTOOL.

Download ST-A/PI

SAP Note

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is the central lifecycle management hub for all SAP systems and SAP solutions: on-premise, or in the cloud. It accelerates innovation, manages application lifecycles, and runs solutions, end-to-end, on ONE integrated business and IT platform.

SAP Solution Manager is usually updated using support package stacks (Software Downloads > Support Packages and Patches > SAP Support Package Stacks > SAP Solution Manager). Alternatively find below the link to access the download area directly:

Service Delivery Readiness

For further action items on how to achieve service delivery readiness please review the relevant results in Self Diagnosis (in SAP Solution Manager). For details see SAP Notes 1907793 (from ST 7.10 SP10) and 1712380 (ST 7.10 SP1 > SP8).