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Simple System Integration

The Simple System Integration is the central application to connect managed technical systems to SAP Focused Run.

It can be used for:

  • Integration and configuration of technical systems for monitoring with SAP Focused Run applications
  • Search of technical systems and display of configuration status and possible issues
  • Change configuration parameters and trigger reconfiguration

Find more information on how to use the Simple Systems Integration UI here.

Perform Simple System Integration


Before executing the Simple System Integration, please make sure that all necessary prerequisites are met for the managed system and that all preparation steps have been performed.

You can find a list of all supported products and their preparation steps here:

In case you have any issues during the preparation steps please refer to the Managed System Preparation Troubleshooting page.

Execute Simple System Integration

Proceed as follow:

  1. Start the Infrastructure Administration / Simple System Integration, using the launchpad (transaction FRUN)
  2. Search for the relevant Technical System using the Go button
  3. Depending on the System Type, press Edit Configuration, and specify all required parameters.
  4. Click Configure Automatically.

In case of issues please refer to the Simple System Integration Troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The change of parameters will trigger a new configuration if the system has been configured before and the Lifecycle Status was therefore Active. If so, please check if there was any message about invalid parameter values.

Technical systems usually rely on a certain database. Since they make up a functional unit, the respective databases will be configured for SAP Focused Run with their technical systems. Databases can also be standalone, without such affiliation to another technical system. Such databases must be configured explicitly just as any other technical system.

The configuration of a technical system involves many steps, exchange of communication parameters and further configuration data for SAP Focused Run applications for all hosts and affiliated databases involved. This can be time consuming, and it depends on the overall system workload. Use the action Refresh Selected to get the last known status of the system selected.

More details can be found in the LMDB, accessible for a selected technical system using the action Display System. More details about the configuration steps taken can be found using the action Configure Manually. It is recommended to use this option only if it is needed to troubleshoot failing configurations.