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Simple System Integration

Note: This page is relevant per SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP01. For older versions please refer to Simple System Integration UI User Guide FRUN 2.0 SP00

User Interface


The Simple System Integration UI is divided into three areas:

  • Search Area
    The user can search technical systems by some criteria. Most notable the Extended System ID, the System Type and Customer ID.
    By default, systems with lifecycle status Inactive or Disused are hidden. This behavior can be overridden by modifying the filters. Saved search variants created before SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP01 ignore this.

  • Result Area
    The result area displays the result of a search. For each system, it displays some essential information. Depending on the technical systems found, several actions are available in the action buttons row. The following actions are also available for multiple selected technical systems: Establish Prerequisites, Configure Automatically and Refresh Selected.
  • It's important to understand the meaning of the columns representing the status of the system.
    • Prerequisites Status: To configure a Technical System for SAP Focused Run monitoring, several prerequisites, depending on the type of system, must be met. The status symbol here represents the last known status of these prerequisites. To get the fresh results, select the desired Technical System and use button Establish Prerequisites.
    • Configuration Status: The configuration status represents the last known status of the configuration of a technical system for SAP Focused Run. Since the configuration, including communication settings between monitored system and SAP Focused Run, depends on settings which can be influenced by or changed from other tools or administrative actions, this status may get outdated.
      • If a technical system needs to be (re)configured, select the system and use button Configure Automatically.
      • Button Configure Manually opens another UI, with a more detailed view of the configuration procedure. It can be used by experts in case of failing configurations.
      • Please note, a successful configuration requires a green status on the prerequisites
    • Processing Status: Shows the status of the configuration process.
  • Log Area:
    The Log Area provides a log of the actions and results taken by the procedures (establish prerequisites, configure technical system). The logs are only available for a single selected system in the result area. Additional information may be provided via the link Show in the Details column.

Actions available in the result area:

  • Display System: Opens the LMDB UI for the selected Technical System
  • Edit Configuration: Opens a dialog to adjust the technical system specific parameters. The parameters differ per technical system type. Closing the dialog and saving data will trigger a reconfiguration of the system if the Lifecycle Status of the selected system was Active.

  • Establish Prerequisites: Trigger the procedure to establish and check the prerequisites for the selected technical systems. The procedure is also part of a full configuration of a Technical System to prevent erroneous configurations.
  • Configure Automatically: Trigger the procedure to configure selected Technical Systems for SAP Focused Run.
  • Configure Manually: Opens an UI for experts to execute the configuration procedure with access to details.
  • Refresh Selected: Refresh the displayed information for the selected Technical Systems.


  • I changed parameters with the Edit Configuration dialog. The automatic configuration does not start. Why?
    The change of parameters will trigger a new configuration if the system has been configured before and the Lifecycle Status was therefore Active. If so, please check if there was any message about invalid parameter values.
  • A configuration of a technical system did not only configure this system but also triggers the configuration of databases. Why?
    Technical systems usually rely on a certain database. Since they make up a functional unit, the respective databases will be configured for SAP Focused Run with their technical systems. Databases can also be standalone, without such affiliation to another technical system. Such databases must be configured explicitly just as any other technical system.
  • Why does a configuration take that long?
    The configuration of a technical system involves many steps, exchange of communication parameters and further configuration data for SAP Focused Run applications for all hosts and affiliated databases involved. This can be time consuming, and it depends on the overall system workload. Use the action Refresh Selected to get the last known status of the system selected.
  • Where can I find more details about a Technical System?
    More details can be found in the LMDB, accessible for a selected technical system using the action Display System. More details about the configuration steps taken can be found using the action Configure Manually. It is recommended to use this option only if it is needed to troubleshoot failing configurations.