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Simple System Integration Troubleshooting

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For SAP Focused Run versions 2.0 FP01 and higher:

Warning message "Search criterion 'LAST_UPDATE_BY_DATA_SUPPLIER' is not configured" may occur. This is due to improved search implementation in the Simple System Integration (SSI) application.

SimpleDA Related Issues During SSI

When running SSI, especially during the prerequisites checks, you may run into Simple Diagnostics Agent or SAP Host Agent related error message. For example:

  • Connect to [hostname]:1128 failed: NIECONN_REFUSED(-10)
  • HTTP receive error: Connect to [hostname]:1128 failed: NIECONN_REFUSED(-10)
  • HTTP client - communication error.; SM59 destination: [destination-name]
  • Internal Server Error Operation [id=98F2B30905291ED9BEDEFDB4EF1A40DA] successfully terminated

In such cases, please also check this Simple Diagnostics Agent Troubleshooting section.


ABAP Logon Group

Per SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP02, Simple System Integration (SSI) supports to specify a logon group for an ABAP system. The logon group which you specify, is currently only used by the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI). It was introduced to improve the stability of collecting system level data. The logon group, which is used for an ABAP system, can be reviewed and changed via the SSI “Edit Configuration” dialog of the ABAP system.

If you have upgraded to SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP02, and you have SSI configured ABAP systems from your pre-FP02 installation, following applies. If you execute SSI without touching the “Edit Configuration" dialog, the connection check which is executed during the "Establish Prerequisites" step, uses the default logon group which has value “SPACE”. In case the logon group “SPACE” does not exist on your ABAP system, SSI will run into an error. If the connection check is successful, the default logon group is send to the SimpleDA of the ABAP system. If the connection check fails, the configuration data is not send.

While saving data in the “Edit Configuration” dialog, the logon group which you have chosen is checked, saved, distributed to, and used by the SimpleDA of the ABAP system. All available logon groups are retrieved from the LMDB, and displayed in the drop-down list of the “Edit Configuration dialog”.

The available logon groups for an ABAP system can looked up in the LMDB as follows:

  • In the SAP Focused Run launchpad open LMDB “Object Maintenance”
  • Find and select an ABAP System, press “Display”
  • Select “Technical Instances”
  • Select the “Message Servers” tab
  • Select the “ABAP Message Server” which is displayed
  • Press “Details”
  • Select the “Properties” tab
  • Find the “LogonGroups” property and review the available values

It is possible to change the default logon group by implementing a BAdI. Details are provide here: SSI Default Value Customizing.