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LMDB Event Handling Configuration

Simple System Integration in SAP Focused Run provides an LMDB event processing which is enabled by default, for all customers and for all LMDB events.

It is strongly discouraged to modify the default settings. Running SAP Focused Run with LMDB events disabled is an unsupported scenario.

If you have an urgent need to make changes, the below section describes how you can customize the content of table SSI_EVENT_CONF.


  1. Log on to your SAP Focused Run system.
  2. Start transaction SM30
  3. Enter SSI_EVENT_CONF as table name
  4. Press Maintain
  5. Press New Entries, if required.
  6. Edit the columns Cust ID and LMDB Event Type, using the F4 help and save.


The columns Time Stamp and User Name are filled automatically.

For the Cust ID column either specify a customer ID or the value *.

For the LMDB Event Type column the possible values are (please be aware the value Database switch is so far only supported for SAP HANA database):

  • ABAP client changed
  • Database switch
  • Extended SID changed
  • Logical host changed
  • Software component version changed
  • Technical instance added
  • Technical instance removed
  • (per FRUN 2.0 FP01) Additional attribute changed
  • (per FRUN 2.0 FP01) Port changed
  • (per FRUN 2.0 FP01) System database changed
  • (per FRUN 2.0 FP01) Technical system changed
  • *
  • &!


  • Cust ID = * / LMDB Event Type = Extended SID changed
  • Cust ID = ADM / LMDB Event Type = Technical instance added
  • Cust ID = ADM / LMDB Event Type = Technical instance removed

If you maintain and save these table values, SSI will process all upcoming LMDB events of type Extended SID changed, regardless of the CustID. For the technical systems belonging to customer ADM, the LMDB events of type Technical instance added and Technical instance removed will also trigger SSI.

Note: You can temporarily disable all LMDB event processing in SSI, for all event types and all customers, by adding a first line and maintaining the value &! for the first two columns. Configuration entries already present in the table can be kept (must not be touched), the new values will still disable all configured LMDB events.

LMDB event processing frequency:

The frequency of LMDB event processing is influenced by LMDB setting Notification.IntervalMinutes. For details refer to SAP Note 2403961, especially respect the general guidance for changing LMDB settings. If this LMDB setting for example has a value of 5, there will be at maximum one round of LMDB event processing (execution of the involved jobs), per five minute interval.