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Manual or Scheduled SSI Reconfiguration

The feature is available with SAP Focused Run 2.0 FP01 and higher.

The Simple System Integration (SSI) configuration process can be re-triggered via report RSRSM_SSI_RECONFIGURE_TS. This report offers the possibility to reconfigure all technical systems for a list of customer networks. The technical system selection can take the last SSI configuration status into account.

After starting the report RSRSM_SSI_RECONFIGURE_TS in transaction SA38, you get the following selection screen:

Scope Criteria

  • Configure systems with status – only active systems with a matching status will be configured
    • Any – all active systems will be configured
    • Error – active systems with SSI status Error or Unknown will be configured
    • Error and Warning – active systems with SSI status Error, Warning or Unknown will be configured
  • Number of parallel configurations – Technical systems are configured in batches of size 1, 2, 5, or 10. This optimizes the SSI configuration for time and system workload of the SAP Focused Run system.
  • Network names – Single or multiple selection of networks which will be considered. If left empty, all networks are relevant.
  • Establish prerequisites only – Only execute SSI step Establish Prerequisites

Screen Output

<network>;<extended-sid>~<type>;<date>;<time>;<overall status>;<step>/<activity>;<message type>;<message>

Scheduled Execution

  • Save selection screen of report RSRSM_SSI_RECONFIGURE_TS as variant (SA38 → Goto / Variants / Save as Variant...)
  • Use transaction SM36 to define a job
  • Use report RSRM_SSI_RECONFIGURE_TS as step inside the job