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SSI FQHN Service

Simple System Integration (SSI) provides a service to individually map hosts to hostnames, other than the full qualified hostname (FQHN) stored in the LMDB.

The SSI FQHN Service makes use of SAP Enhancement Framework, especially the Business Add-In (BAdI).

This document presumes that the reader / implementer has sufficient familiarity with the concepts of SAP ABAP BAdI. The above links (from publicly available standard SAP documentation) provide relevant background information. This document only details the relevant BAdI to be implemented.

Core Concept

The ABAP interface used within the BAdI includes a method that takes a GUID representing a host in the LMDB. The GUID is a unique identifier which consists of 32 characters, e.g. 6cae8b74a0de1ed88f97464bf23a8ae1. The method should be implemented in a way that it uses the provided GUID to calculate the FQHN for the host.

It is intended to have one single BAdI implementation active at the same time. FRUN is delivered with a default implementation of the FQHN retrieval which will be deactivated automatically as soon as another BAdI implementation gets activated.

Enhancement Spot

The relevant Enhancement Spot (ES) is “ES_SSI_FQHN_SERVICE” contained in package “AI_SRSM_SSI_CONNECTIVITY”.


Transaction SE18, or the ABAP workbench (Transaction SE80), may be used to navigate to the ES.


The relevant BAdI is “BADI_SSI_FQHN_SERVICE”. Please note the attributes of the BAdI and refer to the general documentation to understand the significance of each of the attributes:

Interface with BAdI

The interface “IF_ACC_REACTION_EXT” has the below shown method “DETERMINE_FQHN”.

Interface Method

The method “DETERMINE_FQHN” is called by SSI every time a destination to a host must be created.

The method must fill the changing parameter “C_FQHN” with the full qualified hostname for the host represented by the importing parameter “I_LMDB_GUID”.

Implementation Example

The following implementation combines the hostname with the domain part of the qualified hostname. This is just to show the intention of method “DETERMINE_FQHN”.