Integration & Exception Monitoring - Setup & Configuration


Before you can set up Integration & Exception Monitoring in SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, you have to connect your subscribed SAP cloud services to your SAP Cloud ALM instance. 

This is done by setting up the Landscape Management Service. Please follow the Setting Up Landscape Management guide in SAP Help  on how to perform the setup.


To setup Integration & Exception Monitoring please follow the monitoring setup guide provide for each of the supported categories:

In SAP Cloud ALM the collection for messages and exceptions is maintained on component level. It is possible to create a scenario to visualize a relationship between components and to maintain message paths. How to do this is described here.

Customer Support

In case you encounter problems configuring or using SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, please report an incident using one of the following components:

  • SV-CLM-OP – SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management for Operations Services
    • SV-CLM-OP-AEM - Alert and Event Management Service
    • SV-CLM-OP-IM – Integration Monitoring Service
    • SV-CLM-OP-LMS – Landscape Management Service
  • SV-CLM-INF – SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management Cross Topics
    • SV-CLM-INF-ONB - Onboarding and Decommissioning process
    • SV-CLM-INF-UAM - User Access Management

Please select one of your SAP Cloud Platform Integration Systems when reporting the incident.