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Mission Critical Support

Regardless of your deployment scenario, and for whatever issues arise, a cornerstone of SAP Enterprise Support is mission critical support that gives you the attention you need at the speed you expect. Through mission critical support, SAP Enterprise Support accelerates problem resolution for productive system cases and critical projects, minimizes business disruption and reduction of unforeseen downtime, and reduces financial impact of support issues.

Engage Mission Critical Support

If you are unable to resolve a case with the help of the collaboration channels and the knowledge database, you can create a case through SAP Solution Manager or SAP for Me.

Service-Level Agreements

SAP Enterprise Support provides you with explicit service-level agreements for highly critical cases, such as those assigned a priority of “very high” or “high.” The service-level agreement commits SAP to a timely initial reaction, and delivery of a resolution within a fixed period of time.

  • For “very high” customer cases, SAP will respond within one hour and will provide a fix, work-around, or action plan within four hours after the initial response.
  • For “high” customer cases, SAP provides an initial response within four hours.

Please refer to SAP Note 67739 for further classification information concerning customer cases. For cloud offerings, more details can be found here.