SAP Enterprise Support

Regardless of the way in which your landscape is deployed, the SAP Enterprise Support offering gives you the proactive support you need to succeed. By addressing the complex business challenges of today with clear engagement plans including jointly established goals, we help you secure existing investments, optimize operations, and take advantage of the latest SAP innovations. More than helping you solve problems, we act like a business partner that proactively works with you to help you realize your business goals.

The Pillars of Proactive Support

Cloud Editions of SAP Enterprise Support

The SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions offering is our foundational success plan included with any cloud subscription you have from SAP. It supports successful cloud adoption across your enterprise by taking advantage of learning resources from the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program. Capabilities include Next-Generation support functionality such as Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert and our knowledge base. Make use of the SAP Enterprise Support Getting Started presentation to get a jump-start into services and tools available as part of the SAP Enterprise Support agreement.

The SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council

The SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council is an open program for all SAP Enterprise Support customers and is focused on the development and improvement of the SAP Enterprise Support offering for making it 100% aligned with the needs of our customers. Feel free to join the program today to become an early adopter of the latest support innovations and to profit from a bigger investment from SAP's side (such as hands-on expert advice).

Learn more about the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council

SAP Enterprise Support Pricing

The list price for SAP Enterprise Support for new purchases remains fixed at 22 percent until 2025.

From 2019 onwards SAP will not increase fees for existing SAP Enterprise Support contracts during the initial period 1 and first renewal period 2
For SAP Enterprise Support contracts signed before 2019 the previous commitment to not increase fees until 2020 is still valid.

Initial period: Remainder of current calendar year plus following full calendar year (e.g. contract closed in August 2020 → Initial period ends December 2021)

First renewal period: Full calendar year following initial period (same example as above: First renewal period ends December 2022)

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