SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps, an SAP social media-based empowerment and support program, provide simplification and acceleration of learning and utilization of support offerings. They provide transparency of required efforts to complete the selected goals. Value Maps give you guided access to the knowledge, skills and services needed to drive your business challenges.They empower you to build up digital proficiency and prepare the IT landscape for innovation.

Your Benefits

  • Access to peers and SAP experts
  • Run your software at the speed of your business
  • Embrace innovation adoption & digital transformation
  • Maximize the value of your SAP software
  • Boost employee skill level
  • Reduce training expenditures

Request access to join a Value Map if you are not already a member.

Available Value Maps

Build the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently run your business, accompany and speed-up your digital transformation with SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps.

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