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Expertly implement and operate your SAP solutions with our support offerings

Support Offerings

SAP provides the different levels of support to help you meet the needs of your specific business focus. These range from proactive support to more hands-on engagements and partnership with SAP to help you meet your landscape demands.

SAP Enterprise Support

SAP's foundational, proactive support offering across all deployment options and the complete lifecycle, with the goal of empowering customers, so you can get the most out of your investment in SAP. 

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SAP Preferred Success & SAP Preferred Care

SAP's enhanced support foundation provides a personalized engagement that helps you deepen your product knowledge, optimize your processes, and accelerate issue resolution by working with designated SAP contacts.

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Support for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

Support offerings geared towards the unique needs of small to mid-size companies,

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More Offerings

Additional support offerings from SAP, such as Advanced Secure Support, SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises, and SAP Standard Support. In addition, SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveAttention (successor of SAP ActiveEmbedded) are offered as holistic, long-term partnerships, focusing on your business goals as much as your technical environment.

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SAP Success Plans

To help you maximize the value you get from cloud solutions from SAP, we've enhanced and simplified our portfolio of cloud services. We've designed these coordinated success resources to be easily accessible, whatever the size of your organization.

Our cloud success plans not only support and educate your users, they also facilitate successful cloud consumption across your business. Our proactive approach helps accelerate your return on investment and enables you to meet your cloud strategy goals.

Support Services

SAP offers many services to help you with implementation, to give you insights into best practices and new products, and to help you overall with your business needs.

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