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The Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. CIC provides a central point of contact for non-technical queries such as SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, User Management, Incident Management and much more...

To learn more about SAP Support, please review Getting the Most From Your Support.

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SAP ONE Support Launchpad

The CIC can help to guide you through all of the support resources in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

User Management

CIC can assist with:

  • Verifying S-Users
  • Unlocking S-Users
  • Authorization inquiries
  • Password reset help

Incident Management

CIC can assist with:

  • Incident creation
  • Providing updates on existing incidents
  • Adjusting the Priority on existing incidents
  • Incident escalation(s)

Software Downloads

CIC can assist you in locating your licensed software from the Download Center.

Systems & Installations

CIC can provide guidance on the authorizations needed to use this application.

License Keys

CIC can provide assistance with:

  • License Key questions
  • Creation or deletion of systems
  • The purchase of additional licenses and/or products

Support Offerings & Remote Services

CIC can request a remote service on your behalf, and confirm all prerequisites, to ensure a successful service booking.

Attend Info Sessions

CIC can provide info sessions on the following topics:

  • Customer Interaction Center overview
  • How to get the most from support
  • Navigating the SAP Support Portal and the SAP ONE Support Launchpad

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