Setup for SAP BTP, Neo environment

This page explains how to connect SAP BTP, Neo environment to SAP Cloud ALM.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP BTP, Neo environment:


Please note that the following setup steps only have to be performed if you want to monitor the Logs for the Java applications in your SAP BTP, Neo environment sub-account using Integration & Exception Monitoring.

For Health Monitoring this setup is not necessary. Please follow the documentation how to add the sub-account to Health Monitoring here.

Please make sure to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • You need an user with administrator authorizations in the sub-account in SAP BTP, Neo environment in which the Java application is deployed
  • You need an S-User to be used as user in the endpoint to collect the Java logs. This S-User should be requested specifically for this purpose. 

Setup Steps in SAP BTP, Neo environment

Determine Root URL

The Java API Root URL for SAP Business Technology Platform depends on the host on which your account is hosted on. The host depends on the region as described here:

  • Check the region of your subaccount in SAP BTP Cockpit. You find it on the subaccount card on your global account page in the field "Region"
  • Check the host domain name for the region via SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) → SAP BTP, Neo Environment → Regions in the Neo Environment → Regions and Hosts Available for the Neo Environment 
  • Build the root URL, e.g. If your host domain name is, the Root URL to configure is

Add User for Java Log Monitoring

To connect to SAP Business Technology Platform to collect Java application exceptions you need to provide SAP Cloud ALM with a user that is allowed to read the default trace.

  1. Log on the BTP Cockpit and navigate to the sub-account in which you Java application is deployed
  2. Go to 'Members'
  3. Click on 'Add Members'
  4. Enter the S-User ID for your S-User you requested for this purpose
  5. Select the role 'Support User'
  6. Click 'Add Members'

Write Java Errors into Default Trace

This last preparation step starts already during the development of the SAP Business Technology Platform application. To be able to collect application errors, these errors must exist in the default trace for the SAP Business Technology Platform java application. Hence developers must write meaningful errors in this trace. The quality of the monitored exceptions completely depends on the quality of the exceptions written by the developer.

  • Please see this blog for more information on logging for SAP Business Technology Platform Java applications 

Create Endpoint in SAP Cloud ALM

  1. Open the Landscape Management application from the launchpad
  2. Select your SAP BTP, Neo environment service
  3. Press the > button at the end of the line
  4. On the tab "Endpoints" press the Add button to create a new end-point
  5. Enter a description
  6. Use Case: Choose "Exception Monitoring"
  7. Root URL: Enter the Root URL that you determined earlier for the Java API Root URL
  8. Authentication Type: Choose BASIC authentication as authentication method and enter the user and password added in SAP BTP Cockpit
  9. Save the endpoint