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Real User Monitoring - Setup & Configuration


Before you can set up Real User Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM, you have to connect your subscribed SAP cloud services to your SAP Cloud ALM instance. 

This is done by setting up the Landscape Management Service. Please follow the Setting Up Landscape Management guide in SAP Help  on how to perform the setup.


Connect Managed Services / Systems

Please follow the documentation below on how to connect the managed services and systems to SAP Cloud ALM.

After connecting the managed services and systems, you have to activate the Real User Monitoring data collection for the managed services or systems that use PULL data collection. This is described in the next section.

* To setup Real User Monitoring please follow the monitoring setup guide and make sure 'Collect Performance' is flagged.

Activate Real User Monitoring Data Collection

For services and systems that use PULL data collection, you will have to activate the monitoring data collection, after creating the endpoint in Landscape Management. 

Currently the following services or systems use PULL data collection:

  • SAP BTP, Neo environment
  • SAP Sales & Services Cloud

To activate the data collection proceed as following:

  1. Open the "Real User Monitoring" application from the launchpad
  2. Add the relevant cloud service or system to the scope
    1. Open the scope selection
    2. Search for your service or system
    3. Mark the checkbox in front of the service or systems
    4. Click "Apply"
  3. Open the configuration panel, by clicking on the rack-wheel icon in the upper right corner
  4. Open the "Systems" panel and activate the data collection for your service or system by switching the slider from "OFF" to "ON"


Under Configuration it is possible to specify the retention time in days for single executions (maximum 14 days) and aggregated executions (maximum 370 days).

After the configured days for single executions data is aggregated per hour for that dimensions:

  • Service
  • UI Application/Request Name
  • User Action
  • User Name

After the configured days for aggregated executions data is deleted.

Be aware that SAP provides you a fair usage concept with 8GB HANA memory in total. If you extend the given memory you might need to subscribe additional memory blocks with our BTP service SAP Cloud ALM memory extension.


There is no direct impact on the end-users.

For ABAP based systems a job is scheduled collecting every few minutes (depending on the entered collection period) for each use case the data. These collections are started via aRFC if enough work processes (WP) are free. The runtime depends an the amount of data to be collected. 

The user names are hashed in case that the user doesn´t have the role to access the sensitive data; Only the user has the role of Real User Analyst Sensitive or Real User Analyst Administrator is able to see the real user names.

The user actions are dependent of the application. Therefore all user actions are displayed per application. 
In the Analysis View you can create your own query to display for example all executed applications and actions.

The percentage in the upper right corner is the percentage spent net in that component. Some requests are executed in parallel and some time is spent on network (between the boxes).

Customer Support

In case you encounter problems using or setting up Real User Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM, please report an incident using one of the following components:

  • SV-CLM-OP-RUM - Real User Monitoring UI
  • SV-CLM-OP-PM – Performance Monitoring Service

Please select your SAP Cloud ALM tenant when reporting the incident.