Data Unification & Harmonization

Through our SAP data harmonization solutions, we can help you analyze and clean incorrect data on your products, customers, and partners. We can also unify and standardize your financial and controlling processes and support you in any currency conversion. 

Solution Overview

Unification for SAP ERP Financials and Controlling

Governments and corporations are always seeking to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize processes. The objective of the introduction of standard financial guidelines is improved financial reporting and better accountability using prescriptive standards. To meet predefined accounting requirements and ensure the quality of accounting information changes to charts of accounts in your SAP system may be necessary or desirable. Moreover, DMLT consults you in any type of fiscal year project.

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Currency Conversion

The most important types of currency conversions provided by DMLT are: Generic local currency conversion (by organizational unit, for any source or target currency), introducing, changing and deleting parallel local currencies, decimal point conversion, changing the group currency and changing currencies for controlling areas, operating concerns, profit center accounting, CO objects, parallel ledgers, or valuation areas.


Unification for SAP ERP Logistics and Operations

The need to change numbers within your system can arise for multiple reasons, for instance after merging a plant into your system landscape. No matter what the scope is, DMLT accompanies all projects for conversion or merges of customers, vendors and business partners as well as material numbers.

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Topic-Related Solution Briefs and Customer Questionnaires

Solution Brief /

Service Description

Asset Class Conversion  EN, DE EN, DE
Chart of Accounts Conversion  EN, DE EN, DE
Consulting for Change of Fiscal Periods EN, DE EN, DE
Contract Conversion  EN  
Controlling Area Merge EN, DE EN, DE
Controlling Area Rename  EN, DE EN, DE
Controlling Area Split    EN
Convert Controlling Area to
"All Currencies" 
Conversion of Asset Account Determination EN, DE EN, DE
Corporate Finance Management (CFM) Integration  EN  
Cost Center Conversion EN, DE EN, DE
Currency Conversion  EN, ES, CN, JP EN
Customer Number Conversion EN, DE EN, DE
Depreciation Area Exchange    EN
Duplicate Scan and Cleansing EN, DE  
Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Integration  EN  
Fiscal Year Conversion EN, DE EN, DE
Material Group Conversion EN, DE EN, DE
Material Number Rename EN, DE EN, DE
Material Valuation Change to Plant    EN
Product Hierarchy Change EN EN
Profit Center Conversion EN, DE EN, DE
Services for SAP BW and SAP BW/4 HANA EN EN
Shortened Fiscal Year Consulting EN, DE EN, DE
Stock Keeping Unit Conversion  EN EN
Vendor Number Conversion EN, DE EN, DE

Implementation for SAP Test Data Migration Server

The SAP Test Data Migration Server software as well as our related implementation service help you to build up non-productive systems quickly and cost-effectively based on reduced data volume. With SAP TDMS you can extract data from your production system to create your test environment with a significantly lower volume of data. All data required to keep business objects and processes consistent in the nonproduction system are extracted. SAP helps you to implement and configure SAP TDMS for your SAP ERP system, as well as for various industry solutions such das utilities, banking and insurance.



Solution Brief /
Service Description
TDMS Overview EN EN
TDMS Technical Brief EN EN
TDMS Shell Creation EN EN
TDMS for Banking EN, DE EN
TDMS for Insurance EN, DE, ES EN
TDMS for Utilities EN, DE EN