Consolidate IT Landscape

To prevent an unmanageable proliferation of technologies and systems, you need to regularly review your system landscape. Doing so is very important if your objective involves reducing the costs from operating worldwide distributed systems. We have a set of solutions to assist you with your system consolidation needs.

Solution Overview

System Landscape Consolidation and Harmonization

Our system landscape consolidation and harmonization solutions can be necessary when you plan to consolidate your system landscape at client level. A combination of special technical functions and conversion rules are used. We can help when you plan to build up a multi-client system in order to simplify or centralize your system landscape. Our technologies can be used for ERP-systems, and BW or CRM components. Together with SAP experts, you can define business objects — such as sales orders, invoices and serial numbers — to be transferred. Unwanted data is left behind. The document flow is maintained, and the continuity of business processes is guaranteed.

General Solution Briefs

Solution Brief
Consolidation and Harmonization EN

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