Information Management & Governance

IM&G solutions help companies meet their fundamental business objectives:

  • Achieving legal and regulatory compliance by implementing high standards for data quality, data governance and data retention.
  • Improving business by establishing a "single version of the truth" for master and transactional data.

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Enterprise Information Management EN

Optimization for SAP ERP Human Capital Management

Our experts can help you restructure your SAP solution for human resources by merging, splitting, and redefining your HCM organizational structures. We will help you transfer your HCM data — quickly and securely — between your SAP systems in the most transparent and efficient way possible. This end-to-end service enables you to leverage standardized and tested migration and conversion technology, and helps you verify the consistency and continuity of your migrated HCM data, as well as support your correction runs and retroactive accounting activities.

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Implementation for SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management

The SAP NetWeaver ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) component enables you to decommission redundant SAP systems while preserving full auditing and reporting capabilities for stored data. SAP NetWeaver ILM consists of R/3 standard data archiving, retention management and system decommissioning. The DM&LT solutions include the analysis of your archiving strategy, the application of relevant retention policies, the extraction of data as well as knowledge transfer for e-Discovery, Legal Case hold and BW reporting configuration. DM&LT supports the archiving, deletion and storage of data in compliance with company-internal and legal requirements in order to decommission legacy systems.

Topic-Related Solution Briefs and Customer Questionnaires

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SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management Product Overview EN EN, DE
SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management Services Overview EN EN, DE

System Landscape Archiving Consulting

SAP System Landscape Archiving Consulting allows you to archive data across your entire SAP environment. It enables you to relocate large volumes of data that you no longer require for everyday operations but that you may want to access as the need arises. It provides a uniform methodology for cost-effectively managing data while complying with legal requirements for long-term data retention. With SAP System Landscape Archiving Consulting, you can see a measurable reduction in database growth rates and data maintenance costs. You also get a uniform and secure method of data removal and management across all your SAP solutions. As a result, your SAP solutions can cost-effectively contribute to your business goals.

Solutions for Master Data Governance

Our Master Data Governance solutions help you realize product information management (PIM), customer data integration (CDI) and global data synchronization scenarios. We provide the expertise to help you harmonize and centrally manage SAP and non-SAP master data, integrated deployment of SAP NetWeaver MDM, SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Data Services and Information Steward.

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