Sell, Buy and Restructure

Because markets are rapidly changing, mergers, acquisition, and divestitures have become increasingly common business scenarios. As a result, companies are always searching for new and attractive business solutions that align organizational structures and processes within their SAP system landscape.

Solution Overview

Realization for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions frequently have a direct impact on a company's organizational structure. If you decide to add further value to your service portfolio by acquiring a suitable company, you will want to fully integrate the new acquisition into both your existing organizational structure and your system landscape. To utilize all synergies generated by the acquisition, you need to merge several subdivisions from the formerly separate companies to cut administrative costs and enhance the company's competitive edge. The experts from the Data Management & Landscape Transformation (DM&LT) group have developed a high-performance solution allowing you to perform this conversion without interrupting your day-to-day business. Of course, the DM&LT experts can also assist you in realizing the divestiture of parts of your company on a system level.

Business Unit Reorganization

Reasons for internal reorganization processes can be manifold. But whether legally mandated (IS-U unbundling) or aimed at streamlining your business processes, DM&LT helps you realize the reorganization on a system level. Maybe you wish to unify your company's structure or to introduce cross-company-code controlling. You may also want to merge two or more plants into an existing plant or into a newly created plant. The experts from the DM&LT group will accompany you throughout the entire reorganization process.


General Solution Briefs

Solution Brief
Sell, Buy and Restructure Services EN

Optimization for SAP ERP Human Capital Management

Our experts can help you restructure your SAP solution for human resources by merging, splittinng and redefining your HCM organizational structures. We will help you transfer your HCM data - quickly and securely - between your SAP systems in the most transparent and efficient way possible. This end-to-end service enables you to leverage standardized and tested migration and conversion technology, and helps you verify the consistency and continuity of your migrated HCM data, as well as support your correction runs and retroactive accounting activities.

HCM Solution Brief and Questionnaire              


Service Solution Brief/ Service Description Questionnaire
SAP ERP Human Capital Management EN EN


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