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Health Monitoring - Setup & Configuration


Before you can set up Health Monitoring in SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, you have to connect your subscribed SAP cloud services to your SAP Cloud ALM instance. 

This is done by setting up the Landscape Management Service. Please follow the Setting Up Landscape Management guide in SAP Help  on how to perform the setup.

Remove Monitoring Configuration

To remove the monitoring configuration, please process as follows:
  1. Go to the Health Monitoring application
  2. Make sure the service for which you want to delete the configuration is in scope
  3. Open the configuration tray
  4. Click on the "Pen" icon next to "Managed Components"
  5. Switch off the data collection for the service for which you want to delete the configuration
  6. The "Delete" button becomes active
  7. Delete the configuration


As a Health Monitoring Administrator, you can now manage the retention time of raw monitoring data as follows:

  • Retention Time for Raw Data: Defines the time period for which raw data is retained for Health Monitoring metrics.

Enter a value between 7 and 180 days.

The specified retention times are valid for all monitored systems and services.


Be aware that SAP provides you a fair usage concept with 8GB HANA memory in total. If you extend the given memory you might need to subscribe additional memory blocks with our BTP service SAP Cloud ALM memory extension.

Customer Support

In case you encounter problems using or setting up Health Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM, please report an incident using the following components:

  • SV-CLM-OP-HM - Health Monitoring

Please select your SAP Cloud ALM tenant when reporting the incident.