Health Monitoring for SAP BTP Neo


Health Monitoring can consume events which are sent by the SAP Alert Notification Service of SAP BTP Neo. Each event can be displayed as an alert in the Alert Inbox of Health Monitoring.

The following events are supported:

Java Application EventAvailability CheckAn availability check event is triggered if the availability check in Monitoring Service for your Java application is configured. An event is sent if the application is not available or the response time is longer than the configured thresholds. Another event is sent again when the application is available again or the response time is back to normal.
SAP HANA Database EventSAP HANA Database AvailabilitySAP HANA database availability event notifies if the database is reachable from the central administration component via JDBC. If the metric is critical, then the database is down, overloaded, or there is a network issue.

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM

Activate Alerts

  1. Open the Health Monitoring application from the launchpad
  2. Click the rack-wheel icon in the upper right corner to access the configuration
  3. Click the pencil icon to show the Configuration for Cloud Services
  4. Click Add Sub-Account
  5. Choose your SAP BTP Neo sub account and click Add Row
  6. Select your sub account from the list to configure it
  7. Enable the desired events by activating the slider in column Alert Active