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Health Monitoring for SAP HANA Cloud database

Available Monitoring Content

HANA Database AvailabilityDatabase Availability CheckThe number of jobs which have been added to the environment
HANA Database AvailabilityPing TimeThe number of jobs which have been processed per environment
Database ResourcesService CPUCPU user by Service
Database ResourcesSystem CPUOS Kernel/System CPU used by Service
Database ResourcesService memory consumptionService memory consumption
Database ResourcesDisks ConsumptionDisks consumption by device
Database ResourcesDisks Usage SizeDetailed disk usage size by database and usage type
Host ResourcesHost CPUCPU used by all processes
Host ResourcesHost Disk ConsumptionDisk consumption
Host ResourcesHost Memory ConsumptionMemory consumption for all processes of an SAP HANA instance
Host ResourcesHost Memory SizePhysical memory size
UtilizationNumber of ConnectionsNumber of open SQL connections
UtilizationNumber of TransactionsNumber of open SQL transactions
UtilizationColumn Store Read RequestsNumber of read requests (select)
UtilizationColumn Store Write RequestsNumber of write requests (insert, update, delete)
UtilizationColumn Store Merge RequestsNumber of merge requests
UtilizationColumn Store UnloadsNumber of column unloads

Setup Steps in SAP HANA Cloud

Please refer to the corresponding section in Expert Portal - Setup for SAP HANA Cloud.


To consume SAP HANA alerts in the Health Monitoring app of SAP Cloud ALM, you must first activate the relevant alerts in the Alert Definitions section of the SAP HANA cockpit. To view or edit activation of an SAP HANA alert, do the following:

•    Navigate to Service Instances in your SAP BTP subaccount in the SAP BTP cockpit.
•    Find your SAP HANA instance and choose it. The SAP HANA cockpit opens.
•    Go to the Alert Definitions section. Here, you can display and edit alerts.

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM

Create HTTP Endpoint

Please refer to the corresponding section in Expert Portal - Setup for SAP HANA Cloud.

Activate Monitoring

As soon as an endpoint is created in Health Monitoring, the monitoring will be automatically activated. It can be verified in the Health Monitoring configuration section

  • Choose SAP HANA Cloud service from the scope selector
  • The HANA Cloud Service will be displayed in the overview, monitoring and configuration section.
  • To enable the alerting, navigate to the configuration section and do the following
    • Search for the SAP HANA Cloud in the Cloud Services section of the configuration section
    • Click on the SAP HANA Cloud Service link
    • It launches a dialog “Configuration for Cloud Services” with the Metrics and Events section
    • Custom thresholds can be configured in the Metrics section
    • Events (Alerts, Notifications) can be enabled in the events section