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Your New Support User ID (S-user)

Your new SAP Support user ("S-user") ID gives you access to support tools, product documentation, training courses, and many more service and information offerings.

What can you access with your S-user ID?

The SAP for Me customer & partner portal is your primary entry point for support-related tasks like administering users and contacting SAP for product support, among others. Get immediate guidance to the best solutions for your business; and access important alerts, metrics, and insights about your SAP product portfolio.


The SAP ONE Support Launchpad will be deprecated and users transitioned to SAP for Me in Q2 2023. You can perform support tasks such as: Search for answers; report incidents; get status updates for your SAP cloud products or maintain your on-premise solutions; visualize key performance indicators about your solution landscape at a glance.

Your S-user ID gives you access to other important websites: Access gated information here on the SAP Support Portal, join discussions in the SAP Community, book an SAP training course, purchase products or services from the SAP Store, or download product documentation from the SAP Help Portal.

SAP for Me Tips

  • SAP for Me is your single entry point for commercial, administrative, and technical information about your SAP solutions. It contains all applications offered in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and more.
  • Customize your homepage using the 'Edit' button to enter the card catalog and find a card you want to add. SAP ONE Support Launchpad users can import their data so the SAP for Me homepage reflects their launchpad preferences and favorite tiles.
  • For many cards, visitors need special permissions. Contact an administrator in your company to get your authorization profile amended.
  • Dashboards contain in-depth information about topics that you have been alerted about on the homepage.
  • Use the central search bar in the header to search SAP Notes and Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs), products, systems, product documentation, SAP Community, and more.

SAP ONE Support Launchpad Tips

  • The SAP ONE Support Launchpad homepage will be deprecated by mid-2023. All support applications are already integrated into SAP for Me. During the migration phase, both platforms are run in parallel to ensure a smooth transition.
  • For many support applications, visitors need special permissions.  Contact an administrator in your company to get your authorization profile amended.
  • You will be asked to select your roles, which determine the tiles you see, and help filter search results. You can change your roles in your user profile or add tiles to your homepage using the tile catalog.
  • Notifications provide critical real-time information, for instance incident status changes or updated information that you had earmarked. Opt-in to e-mail or text message alerts in the Notification Center.
  • To benefit from notifications, specify an e-mail address and phone number in your user profile.