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User Onboarding Token

The ‘User Onboarding Token' is a digital code found on the sales order (cloud products) that can be used by anyone at the customer to identify the technical administrator and create an administrator S-user. The technical administrator will have the role of a super administrator or cloud administrator.

This administrator S-user will receive all authorizations that are required to fulfill SAP related tasks on the SAP for Me portal. The role and responsibilities of administrators include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating additional S-user IDs
  • Maintaining access authorizations for all users. 
  • SAP's recommendation is to create at least two additional super administrators who can support or substitute if needed.

For more information about SAP's administrator concept please see this site: User, authorization and administrator concept.

Upcoming Improvements in the Initial S-user Onboarding Process: Watch this 30 min video to learn more about the improved User Onboarding Token process.


Step 1

The User Onboarding Token is included in the sales order and it should be shared with the correct person for the technical administrator role at the company. 

Step 2

Once the correct person has the token, it can be redeemed at the User Onboarding Token site:

  • An SAP Universal ID is required to use the token
  • The user is prompted to enter the token code
  • The user is asked to confirm their corporate e-mail address from their company

For Product Enablement, the user can go to the Customer Onboarding Resource Centers or the SAP Universal ID Account Manager.

Step 3

SAP updates the technical administrator (cloud orders) in the SAP systems with the person who redeemed the token.

Step 4

The administrator S-user will then be created and assigned to the person who redeemed the token.

From now on, technical product-related notifications, renewal notices, and S-user Lifetime notifications will be sent to this person.

Frequently Asked Questions

The User Onboarding Token can be found on the sales order for your purchase.

Using the token has two significant results:

  1. The person who used the token becomes the technical administrator for that order. That person will receive all technical communications about the startup of that SAP product. 
  2. That person will receive an S-user (or enhanced S-user authorizations) giving them access to SAP for Me and other SAP support sites. 

The token should be used by someone from the purchasing company that is identified as the technical administrator for that specific SAP product. This person will receive an administrator S-user and technical communications from SAP.

A token is active and can be used as soon as the customer receives the sales order. 

The token can only be used once.

You are not required to use the token. SAP does identify a technical administrator before the sale and that person is listed in the sales order. If that person is correctly identified, you can ignore the token.

It is recommended to have someone from your company use the token. The technical administrator is the key contact for ongoing communications and ideally that role should remain within your company. If you need additional administrators from outside parties, the initial administrator can create additional administrator S-users.

SAP will determine the customer e-mail addresses based on input from the customer and past interactions during the sales process. If the customer e-mail domains are not correct, please contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

Tokens can only be used once. Additionally, they must be used within two months of creation.

Using the token has an impact on future communications with SAP. If someone used the token in error, please call the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) to have the technical administrator for the order reassigned. We cannot issue a new token but there are corrective actions that SAP can implement to correct the technical administrator and issue a new administrator S-user.