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SAP Business Network for Logistics
Onboarding Resource Center

We invite you to join a live 30- to 40-minute onboarding presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A or watch one of the replays.


Keys to Success

Project Readiness

Keys to Success

  • Build the project team
  • Review the applicable deployment description
  • Ensure your change management strategy is in place
  • Watch our getting started video series

Change Management

A key task in any product deployment is change management. A clear change management plan will define and measure organizational readiness, drive stakeholder awareness, and help measure adoption success.

Guidance and Enablement

Keys to Success

Product Support Accreditation

Learn how to make the most out of your interaction with SAP Support.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy

Discover these services and on-demand learning resources.

Go-Live Preparation

Keys to Success

Solution Maintenance Resources

Now that SAP Business Network for Logistics is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption.