SAP Learning Hub Related Questions


SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, is the SAP Enterprise Support Academy’s productive system. Before first use, you should sign up for access to the SAP Learning Hub.

After a phase-out period, Learning Studio, the academy’s former learning platform, was shut down in December 2017 and migrated to SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support.

SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support comprises all offerings of the SAP Enterprise Support Academy. SAP customers with any of the following maintenance agreements are eligible to access this edition, as it is part of their maintenance contract:

  • SAP Enterprise Support
  • SAP Enterprise Support, Cloud Edition
  • SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE)

For more details see the Program Entitlement document.
Click here for more information on other editions of the SAP Learning Hub.

Currently it is not possible. While navigating within SAP Learning Hub, links shown in the address bar of your web browser are encrypted and will not work if copied or forwarded to others. Deep links to learning items in SAP Learning Hub, which you have received, can be distributed. S-User access required.

Supported Devices and System Requirements

You will need an internet connection and a system that meets certain requirements.

The SAP SuccessFactors mobile application is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Registration and Access

Access to the support edition is part of the following maintenance agreements: SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Enterprise Support, Cloud Edition, or SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE). As long as you stick to the contingent described in the Program Entitlement no additional costs arise.

To access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, a one-time registration is required. As before, you need an s-user to authenticate yourself. The registration triggers an automatic eligibility check.

  1. Go to the SAP Enterprise Support Academy landing page at
  2. Click on the Sign up button.
  3. The SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support page displays. Click Sign up.
  4. Register with your s-user ID and password.
  5. Upon first access to the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, the system will check the eligibility, create an SAP Learning Hub user, and update the catalog. After confirming the message popup, a registration confirmation via e-mail will be sent. Allow two hours for processing.
  6. Once the confirmation e-mail has been received, use the link provided to login.
  1. Go to the SAP Enterprise Support Academy landing page at
  2. Click on the Search button to search for learning content, available scheduled offerings and more.
  3. Login with your s-user ID and password when prompted
  4. The SAP Learning Hub catalog is displayed.
  5. Enter a keyword in the search text field. You can set filters via the fields Category, Delivery Method, and Subject Areas.

When accessing SAP Learning Hub, an automatic eligibility check is triggered. If your company is not or no longer eligible to use the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, access is refused.

The EKT program belongs to the professional edition in SAP Learning Hub. For this edition users have to register separately. The early adopter care customers (and partners) will get a free-access code to the professional edition for three months, restricted to five of their employees.  

Service Booking

You can register to scheduled offerings either from the Catalog Search or from the My Active Courses tile.

  1. Click on the course title to open the course details.
  2. Click Register Now to display the Registration screen.
  3. Review the schedule for the selected course and click Register Now for the session that suits you.
  4. Click Confirm to confirm the registration.
  1. Choose Learning Content -> Continue.
  2. In the Links tile choose Options and Settings > Select a Locale and Time Zone.
  3. Choose your time zone.
  4. Choose Always display Scheduled Offerings in this Time Zone.
  5. Choose Apply Changes.

Service Delivery

The prerequisites for a scheduled offering are listed on the registration page for that scheduled offering in SAP Learning Hub, and also provided in the invitation email to participants.


  1. The Help & Support tile can be found on the SAP Learning Hub home page.
  2. Click Get Technical Support.
  3. In the User Support Center choose Create New Ticket.
  4. Enter the subject and the description.
  5. Under Service Category choose Learning Hub.
  6. Choose the relevant Incident Category.
  7. Provide attachments/screenshots showing the errors.
  8. Choose Submit.

Further Information

For further questions about the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, please refer to the Quick Guide and our landing page in the SAP Support Portal.

For further general questions about SAP Learning Hub, please refer to the SAP Learning Hub general FAQ, the technical requirements of SAP Learning Hub, and the SAP Learning Hub homepage.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy Program Related Questions


Entitlement and Contingent Check

If a customer loses the eligibility to use the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program (e.g. due to termination of their maintenance agreement), access to the Learning Hub Support edition will be stopped.

For more information about eligibility, refer to the Program Entitlement.

EGI sessions consume 1 and AIE sessions 0.25 contingent days. MTE and self-paced learning is unlimited. Be aware that PSLE customers are not entitled to AIE sessions.

SAP Enterprise Support advisors can check for their customers.

No, pilot sessions are entitlement free.

Service Booking

Yes, there is no limitation. But pay attention to the time zones and language.

This is a message generated by the system for contingent calculation check. You just need to confirm to complete EGI registration.

Access SAP Learning Hub briefly before the session. Choose Learning Content -> Continue. Under My Active Courses in the field Select All choose Select All -> mark Registrations. In the displayed list of your registrations choose the relevant course and click Join Virtual Session. Adobe connect opens. On the terms and conditions page choose OK, then the session opens.

For additional information, please see the relevant SAP Note.

The EGI portfolio is generally updated on a quarterly basis.  You can usually expect the EGIs to be posted one month before the next quarter.

 For EGIone week prior to the session start date. From this time on:

  • No more customers can register for the session
  • Registered customers can no longer cancel their registration
  • Registered customers will have one contingent day deducted

For MTEone day prior to the session.

In SAP Learning Hub, there is no distinction between recordings and live sessions of the Meet the expert delivery format. To find recordings, please proceed as follows:

  1. The Find Courses tile can be found on the My Learning Content page.
  2. Click Browse all titles.
  3. First enter the search term (If you set the filter first, it will get lost, when you enter the search term).
  4. In the Category field, set the filter to Instructor Led* -> Show courses with online content.
  5. Under Delivery Method, select View all -> Meet-the-expert.
  6. The recording results will be displayed in the course catalog.

*If you choose Instructor-led -> Scheduled courses only, only the scheduled MTE sessions will be displayed.

Currently it is not yet recommended to use the filter option Subject Area, as work in this category is in progress.

As a one-on-one training, an AIE is limited to one customer. However, multiple employees of the same customer are welcome to participate.

Yes, however only the registered participant will be emailed the login details.  He or she can forward them.

If you request a cancellation within at least three business days before the scheduled date, no contingent days will be lost.

Service Delivery

MTE: Login details and calendar invites are sent directly after registration.

EGI: Login details and calendar invites are sent the week before the EGI starts, after the registration period is closed.

AIE: Login details and calendar invites are sent directly after registration.

All EGI sessions can be joined via dial-in or dial-out. When joining an EGI session, a pop-up window will prompt you with audio options. There will be two options:

  1. Dial-out (Receive a call) – when you want to use this option, you enter the phone number you want to be called at. Please note that the dial-out option does not support all mobile providers. If it does not support your mobile provider, you need to use the dial- in option!

  2. Dial-in to the Audio conference via phone – in this case you simply select the dial-in number that best suits your location and when prompted key in the participant code. For this option, you can use the infrastructure you normally use for making phone calls, i.e. if your calls are configured to use Skype, Lync etc. you can enter the telephone number and participant code and use your device/ headset. Of course, you can also use any other conferencing device or telephone/mobile to join the audio conference.
    If you have any questions, please contact the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

The instructor will provide a direct telephone number the first day of the session.


You should contact the instructor directly. Instructors generally provide their contact information during the EGI session.

Use the Contact SAP Enterprise Support Academy button on the bottom right-side of the page.