SAP Solution Manager

Offers end-to-end application lifecycle management to streamline business processes and proactively address improvement options, increasing efficiency and decreasing risk within your existing maintenance agreement.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2

SAP Solution Manager covers the complete application lifecycle for your IT solution. 

SAP Solution Manager helps you to implement, maintain, run, and adopt all enterprise applications – even non-SAP software – while supporting business innovation, business continuity, and operations. The new release 7.2 eases communication between business and IT. It helps you to optimize the value of digitization provided by SAP S/4HANA and supports your transition to the digital business.

With release 7.2, SAP Solution Manager has become a modern IT management platform with lots of innovative functionalities and capabilities to support the entire lifecycle of your business applications. For more details see the rollout blog.


Transition to SAP Solution Manager 7.2

End of Mainstream Maintenance for SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Mainstream Maintenance will end for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 on Dec 31, 2017. Customers switch to
Customer-Specific Maintenance automatically at the end of mainstream maintenance.

Focused Solutions

Focused Solutions are turnkey solutions based on SAP Solution Manager – made for immediate consumption and available for all customers.They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured, and automated. Focused Solutions deliver all you need and include additional features, dashboards, and all related training. Learn more about Focused Solutions for SAP Solution Manager.


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