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SAP Premium Engagement Services

With the available service components for premium engagements designed for our large accounts, we actively drive the adoption of our innovations, in particular the re-platforming of our installed base to SAP S/4HANA. All the services are available as a component of a premium engagement for SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveEmbedded customers to deliver high value to premium customers engagements.

Under the 2nd chapter "Solution Management Optimization" on the list above you find all service components in the area of SAP Solution Manager, supporting premium engagement customers in designing and implementing concepts in ‘Application Lifecycle Management' and ‘Run SAP like a Factory'. Also we support you in the transition to the new SAP Solution Manager 7.2 release.

ALM Consulting Services

With the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Consulting Services for SAP Solution Manager, SAP Consulting satisfies all customer, project, and consultant needs around SAP Solution Manager.

The services help to install and configure SAP Solution Manager, and to prepare users for daily operations. They also support SAP implementation projects, operations functions, and support desk setup.

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Learning from Experts to Experts

With expert sessions for SAP Solution Manager through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy you build up the knowledge and skills needed to configure and run baseline functionality of SAP Solution Manager scenarios:

OpenSAP Courses
Meet the Experts (MTE) Sessions

Delivery Formats + Value Maps
Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) Sessions

Training & E-Learning

SAP offers a wide range of training and e-learning options to give your staff the knowledge and skills they need to operate SAP Solution Manager and support your SAP solution efficiently.

Early Knowledge Transfer
Training Courses & Curricular Overview