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SAP Partners

SAP Partners play an important role in the SAP ecosystem. Different types of partners provide a diverse range of services for SAP solutions, from sales and support of software products, to implementing and managing SAP solutions and providing SAP services. Partners are integrated to the SAP Support Backbone, the central infrastructure located at SAP to provide technical support to our customers, to allow more efficient collaboration and adding value for all parties involved.

SAP Partners for ALM

SAP Partners for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a proven team of service companies, qualified for SAP Solution Manager, Focused Build and Focused Insights implementations. SAP offers companies who specialize in SAP Solution Manager functional areas as well as who excel in Focused Build and Focused Insights area the opportunity to be listed on the ALM Partner Hub (formerly known as SAP Solution Manager InfoHub).


Offerings for SAP Partners

SAP Partners (VAR, ISV, Hosting, etc.) are service companies with certified expertise in SAP Solution Manager to provide support services to SAP customers or to host/manage their SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager is used as service delivery and integration platform to make the technical complexity of their customers' solutions transparent and to support the entire SAP solution lifecycle.

  • Sell Partners (VAR), hosting Partners, and Customer Centers of Expertise (CCoEs) of large enterprises are using SAP Solution Manager to provide first and second-level support to their customers.
  • The products from Software Partners are integrated into the customer's SAP Solution Manager, to enable the joint customer to operate a business-critical solution encompassing both SAP and partner products.