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SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain
Onboarding Resource Center

Register for a Live Onboarding Webinar

As you begin your SAP implementation, we invite you and your colleagues to attend a live onboarding webinar. It's 40-45 minutes of presentation covering the key onboarding resources, followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A.

Global Schedule

Please register for a date and an SAP IBP onboarding topic that work with your schedule.

The onboarding resource center is designed to lead you to a successful implementation. These technical and business resources will guide you at every stage of your implementation project from project kick-off to go-live. You will have access to knowledge base articles, best practices, service offerings and on-demand training videos.

Welcome and Introduction

SAP-User (S-User) Authorization

Get your initial credentials and S-user authorization. Log into the systems which have been provisioned for you at contract start date in order to ensure a frictionless project start.

Many of the resources you need can only be accessed with your S-user ID. For new customers, SAP will create S-user IDs for the SAP software recipients. Your company's user administrators can then request additional S-user IDs and assign the required authorizations.

SAP Universal ID

SAP Universal ID provides easier access to SAP sites. With SAP Universal ID, you have one single SAP account for life. It gives you the ability to log in once and to choose your S- and P-user IDs, enabling you to switch between users and to manage your account profile.

SAP for Me

In today's 24/7 business environment, time is an organization's most precious resource. SAP for Me is your digital companion to interact and get immediate guidance. SAP for Me aggregates important alerts, metrics, and insights about your SAP portfolio via a single access point.


Selecting Your Partner

Choosing the right implementation partner is key to the success of your project and your business. It's never too early to evaluate implementation partners.


Go to the SAP community for expert information. Ask questions, read blog posts, and find additional information.

Change Management

Review the change management guide to build a formal plan.This enables the value of change management discussions related to your solution adoption.

Services and Support

Next-generation support tools and resources are available whenever you need our assistance. The document provides the essential information you need to get started.

Project Readiness

If you are starting out with SAP, you may want to understand the technical aspects, such as managing roles and teams, setting up the security and folder structure, authentication, authorizations, data security, and connectivity.

Project Methodology

SAP Activate is the adoption framework that expedites SAP implementations throughout the customer lifecycle. It's comprised of phases, deliverables, and tasks that will guide you through your implementation.

Solution Overview

This webcast series introduces you to SAP IBP and how it adds value to your organization.

There are various processes, products, and customer experiences also. Consider this your SAP IBP starter pack.

Best Practices

Accelerate and simplify the adoption of SAP IBP for faster time to value using best practice business processes.

Road Map and Customer Influence

Check out the planned and available innovations in SAP Road Maps. Also, be part of SAP IBP's innovation and help shape it's future.

Release Information

Have a look at what's new in SAP IBP and what to do after an upgrade and how to plan for your upgrades.

Guidance and Enablement

User Documents

SAP Help Portal contains all the help documentation you need for SAP IBP. Additionally, specific guides are included to configure your implementation based on your requirements.


With so many options for integration, we've included the documents to help you with your implementation. Add-on information specific to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA are noteworthy also.

Develop the skills to implement and maintain your SAP solution. Get certified and stay up-to-date on the latest enhancements. SAP Enterprise Support gives you proactive support for your implementation success. You'll find your implementation's status and analysis in the reporting cockpit. These data are based on your implementation.

Project Progress

SAP EarlyWatch Alert ensures your core processes work. It monitors the essential administrative areas of your SAP components and updates you on their performance and stability.

Go-Live Preparation

As part of SAP Enterprise Support, you may request continuous quality checks (CQC) and improvement services. We suggest adding this activity to your project. These services connect you with an SAP expert to analyze your system and situation based on real-life data from your systems. Depending on the topic, you'll be given the chance to provide more information that will be part of the analysis. After each service, you receive a service report with an executive summary, findings, and a detailed action plan to mitigate risks or improve your situation.

This is designed to monitor the performance of your SAP system during the go live. Within this service, the system is monitored for performance issues or potential risks and recommendations are given to resolve critical situations encountered.

This service provides a review of your instance setting before go-live. Your SAP solution is reviewed for potential risks and recommendations are given in alignment with SAP best practices.

How do I request a CQC service?

Now that SAP IBP is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption. Subscribe to the newsletter for regular information and bug fixes. For all support information, SAP Support Portal is your first stop.