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Onboarding Resource Center

Register for a Live Onboarding Webinar

As you begin your SAP implementation, we invite you and your colleagues to attend a live onboarding webinar. It's 40-45 minutes of presentation covering the key onboarding resources, followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A.

Global Schedule for SAP SuccessFactors

The onboarding resource center is designed to lead you to a successful implementation. These technical and business resources will guide you at every stage of your implementation project from project kick-off to go-live. You will have access to knowledge base articles, best practices, service offerings and on-demand training videos.


SAP-User (S-User) Authorization

Get your initial credentials and S-user authorization. Log into the systems which have been provisioned for you at contract start date in order to ensure a frictionless project start.

Many of the resources you need can only be accessed with your S-user ID. For new customers, SAP will create S-user IDs for the SAP software recipients. Your company's user administrators can then request additional S-user IDs and assign the required authorizations.

Customer Acceleration Center 

Accelerate your readiness for cloud transformation and get a head start to your implementation project by learning how to get your team and your organization ready for SAP SuccessFactors.

Empowerment Center

Start here to access the resources you will need to succeed, from learning the basics to planning for success and building your knowledge base.

Services and Support

Next-generation support tools and resources are available whenever you need our assistance. The document provides the essential information you need to get started.

Selecting Your Partner

Choosing the right implementation partner is key to the success of your project and your business. It's never too early to evaluate implementation partners.

Solution Add-Ons

Optional modules to extend the features and capabilities of your SAP SuccessFactors HXM solution. (Separate licenses are required.)

Project Readiness

Administration and Support Staffing Considerations

The decision of how to create your SAP SuccessFactors System Administration structure is an art, not a science. Picking the right administrative and support team ensures a good starting point for the successful deployment and ongoing support of your SuccessFactors solution.

Transformation Readiness

HR transformation delivers a new experience to the workforce through the influence of digital applications to drive business results.


Solution Adoption Readiness

In order to succeed you should know the destination, have a vision, a strategy and be ready to deliver the SAP SuccessFactors Solutions.


Implementation Readiness

In order to succeed you should know the destination, have a vision, a strategy and be ready to deliver your Transformation Implementation.

Guidance and Enablement

SAP Best Practices Explorer

It is easy to find the appropriate SAP Best Practice and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions for you using the SAP Best Practices Explorer. You can click on an area of business or technology, or use the A-Z index, or search by inputting key words in the search field.

Understand the scope of the packaged solutions by navigating to one SAP Best Practices or rapid-deployment solution to get more details. You can also find links to download the whole package or individual documents, for example, software and delivery requirements and configuration documents.

On-Demand Module or Feature Demos

Explore the SAP SuccessFactors Digital Library to view topics ranging from SuccessFactors products to HR Transformation, all delivered by subject matter experts and thought leaders. You have access to past recordings as well as live upcoming webinars. 

Training and SFX Accreditation

The SAP SuccessFactors eXpert (SFX) Accreditation Program is a set of exams to accredit trained and knowledgeable customer administrators in SAP SuccessFactors products.


SAP Cloud ALM for SAP SuccessFactors is included in your SAP contract so you can start using it right away. It's designed to streamline your implementation and standardize your cloud-centric operation processes. It safeguards your cloud transformation and your investment.

SAP Enterprise Support

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions is our foundational success plan included with any cloud subscription from SAP. It supports successful cloud adoption across your enterprise by taking advantage of learning resources from the SAP Enterprise Support Academy and value map programs.

Make use of the SAP Enterprise Support Getting Started presentation to get a jump-start into services and tools available as part of the SAP Enterprise Support agreement.

Discover the services and on-demand learning resources in the SAP Enterprise Support academy.

SAP Enterprise Support value maps provide direct access to experts, collaboration forums, and prescriptive guidance to help you achieve results and business goals. You may ask a question and connect with topic experts.

SAP Product Support Accreditation

Learn more on how to make the best out of your interaction with product support via product support accreditation, a consumable and accessible enablement program at your own pace.

Project Progress

As part of SAP Enterprise Support, customers may request continuous quality checks (CQC) and improvement services. We suggest adding this activity to your project. These services connect you with an SAP expert to analyze your system and situation based on real-life data from your systems. Depending on the topic, you'll be given the chance to provide more information that will be part of the analysis. After each service, you receive a service report with an executive summary, findings, and a detailed action plan to mitigate risks or improve your situation.              

  • CQC for Deployment Readiness

    This service provides a review of your instance setting before go-live. Your SAP SuccessFactors solution is reviewed for potential risks and recommendations are given in alignment with SAP best practices.

  • CQC Going Live Support

    This is designed to monitor the performance of your SAP SuccessFactors system during the go live. Within this service, the system is monitored for performance issues or potential risks and recommendations are given to resolve critical situations encountered. 

  • CQC Interface Management

    This service is available for solutions that are in production or close to production startup. It focuses on hybrid scenarios connecting cloud applications with on-premise systems, primarily focusing on interfaces for core scenarios workforce management, source to pay, lead to cash, and design to operate. 

How do I request a CQC service?

Go-Live Preparation

Deciding what and how to test is an important part of every project involving technology and/or multiple-step business processes. While the final decision on what and how to test is ultimately yours to make, the following document will provide ideas and aids found in a typical test plan.

Below leading practices guide will provide you with valuable, real-world insight into how to manage your testing strategy during the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors. It is designed to promote an understanding of key concepts, options and their pros and cons.

Get expert guidance on test plan considerations and executable go-live/cutover plans in the Plan for Success section of the Empowerment Center.

Information, resources, and tools to support your change management strategy and engage your employees.

Now that SAP SuccessFactors is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption. Engage with subject matter experts on new feature enhancements and explore SAP SuccessFactors product development roadmap.