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In the tables below you will find single source of information around the Customer COE journey, team accreditation and services.

Note: Find documents in German here

General Information

Overview of the  Customer COE ProgramLearn about the Customer COE Program, the Big Picture and the Management Framework, including the respective dimensions. PDF
Customer COE Strategy, Governance and Organization To support SAP customers to bridge the gap between business management and their IT department, SAP provides services designed to help companies build a Customer COE.PDF
Customer COE Architecture and Innovation Various programs, tools, and services are available to support customers at every stage within their journey to an Intelligent Enterprise. This document gives you an overview of the most important tools and services to build-up your innovation roadmap. PDF
Customer COE Processes and Tools Supportability is the capability of supporting a software system over its whole product lifecycle. This implies satisfying any necessary needs or requirements, but also the provision of equipment, support infrastructure, additional software, facilities, manpower, or any other resource required to maintain the software operational and capable of satisfying its function, the function it has been bought, implemented or developed for.PDF
Customer COE Contract and License ManagementWhen purchasing software, the proper handling of license and contract management is essential. But especially in the business area, this is particularly complex, so it can quickly lead to loss of overview of the number of services, users and contracts. PDF
Customer COE People and Skills This Customer Center of Expertise Document gives impulses to SAP Expert Teams on Customer side about what  is relevant in terms of Data & Information handling and what applications, portals, and services  might help whilst extracting and processing data & information.PDF
Customer COE - Functional Model and Business Process Owner/Expert RoleBringing the organization and IT closer together - that is "Business-IT Integration". It is forward-looking for joint success, because the potential for change lies in the organization. PDF
The Hybrid Setup of a Customer COEThe Customer Center of Expertise in the Hybrid WorldPDF
CIO and Customer COE GuidesComprehensive overview of CIO and Customer COE Guides including Governance and Organizations, Guides for Hybrid Landscapes and Architecture and Technology WhitepapersOverview
Continuous Improvement and Innovation with a Customer COEWhite paper to establish a future proofed organization for excellent end-to-end solution orchestration and operational scenarios. PDF

Customer COE - Team Accreditation (former Certification)

Overview of the  Customer COE ProgramLearn about the Customer COE Program, the Big Picture and the Management Framework, including the respective dimensions. ENPDF
Case Quality Dashboard Evaluation 

The Customer COE Case Quality Evaluation is one criteria which SAP reviews within the scope of the Customer COE Certification. This dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of key figures for confirmed cases. The application was enhanced and now contains a peer benchmarking. 

Open application 

Case Quality Peer Benchmark 

The Customer COE Case Quality Dashboard gives an at a glance overview of quality related key figures for confirmed cases. The redesigned application offers Peer Benchmark information on SAP Case Processing efficiency and quality.

Open application

Customer COE Questionnaire GuidelineThe Customer COE questionnaire applied to all SAP Support and Maintenance Contracts. The guideline supplements the online questionnaire with further information on the questions, requirements, and the evaluation of the team accreditation criteria.ENPDF

Advanced Customer COE - Initial Audit & Recertification

Advanced Customer COE Audit Preparation GuideLearn about Advanced Customer COE Certification Audit Deliverables, Tool Requirements and Best PracticesPDF
Advanced Customer COE ChecklistChecklist with documents to be delivered for the Advanced Customer COE Certification ReviewPDF
Factsheet - SAP Advanced Customer COE Certification and Re-CertificationOperation, duration and effort of initial Advanced Customer Customer COE Certification and Re-Certification PDF



Please consider, that the Services related to the Advanced Customer Center of Expertise Program and Certification are part of the New SAP MaxAttention Offerings. SAP MaxAttention helps you turn your digital concepts into value-based predictable outcomes with precise and dedicated business and technical guidance on SAP solutions – from innovation to run. Please find detailed information in the New SAP MaxAttention Brochure.



Customer Center of Expertise - Service Family Overview Overview of Customer Center of Expertise Services, which are available within the Premium Engagement service offering and included in the MaxAttention and ActiveAttention Portfolio. PDF
Customer COE Assessment Service for the Certification (EN)Service: Program and Support for the Customer COE certification - Language EnglishPDF
One Pager - Operations Planning Workshop (OPW)
Plan the Optimization of your Customer COE, including efficient E2E Solution operation processes in your IT landscape and support organization.PDF
One Pager - Extended Operations Planning Workshop (Extended OPW)
Plan the Optimization of your Customer COE, including operation processes of your IT landscape, support organization and considering the Customer COE Strategy, Governance and Organization.PDF
Factsheet - Operations Planning Workshop (OPW)
Operations Planning Workshop (OPW) - Information Sheet for Service Delivery
Factsheet - Extended Operations Planning Workshop (Extended OPW)
Extended Operations Planning Workshop (Extended OPW) - Information Sheet for Service Delivery
Factsheet - Advanced Customer COE Training 
The Advanced Customer COE Training enables a Customer COE to work more efficient in terms of the Advanced Customer Center of Expertise (Advanced Customer COE) roadmap approach for a closer collaboration and proactive dialogue between IT and Lines of Business, supporting innovation adoption and continuous improvement. PDF
Factsheet - Customer COE Empowerment 

The Customer COE Empowerment Service is applicable when you need high-level guidance or advisory to establish or improve the Customer COE Foundation

SAP BTP Governance Service (One-Pager)The SAP BTP Governance Service is a workshop-based offering intended to define direction and organizational elements for the customer's SAP BTP operating model. Based on an initial scoping, SAP consultants will identify needed topics and design a target operating model to establish / improve the SAP BTP Setup based on SAP best practices.PDF
The New SAP MaxAttentionThe New SAP MaxAttention service can help you take full advantage of the opportunities of the intelligent enterprise. Pioneer your vision with premium access on-site at your business to trusted SAP experts, tools, and methodologies that make your desired business change successful with SAP solutions.PDF
Exploiting the New SAP MaxAttention to Maximize Customer Success
This 3rd party report from Derek Prior is based on feedback from various SAP customers and explains how to exploit the New SAP MaxAttention to maximize customer success. PDF

Customer Success Stories

Hannover ReDecision tree with a SWOT analysis (Industry: Insurance) PDF
SWECustomer COE and the move to SAP S/4HANA. A Great Opportunity (Industry: Utilities) PDF

Move to the Cloud - The next step for the Customer COE at BS|Energy (Industry: Utilities) 

UKSH (UKSH ITSG) - University Hospital Kiel and LuebeckUKSH Customer COE moves to SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA with their "Move to HANA" program (Industry: Healthcare) PDF

Our Customer COE is the first point of contact in the company for all topics around SAP. It is the  interface (Single Source of Truth) to our customers and to SAP. We accept the challenges of dealing with new technologies and future-oriented trends on the market and prepare them for our  management and our customers. Our strategy "Cloud First" in IT - Digital at the core of the Group (Industry: Insurance) 


The Customer COE program by SAP helps to establish a structure for the SAP environment in your own organization without changing the corporate structure With this proven ITIL compliant best practice approach from SAP, all facets required for the development of an own Customer COE, including the strategic orientation, the required governance, processes, the IT architecture and also resources and skills, can be uniquely derived for companies (Industry: Utilities)

Braunschweig ITDigital Transformation? Now! Understand the transformation of SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA as an essential part of the digitalization of the company supported by a Customer COE PDF
Berliner WasserbetriebeSAP Customer COE and the Digital Transformation. With SAP S/4HANA the Customer Berliner Wasserbetriebe is taking the next steps into the futurePDF
BS EnergyThe path to the Next Generation IT, including for the Customer COE the conversion to ITIL processes and the use of agile working methodsPDF
Regio ITThe SAP HANA infrastructure is designed to ensure the usability of current and future requirements in the operation environment of SAP systems PDF
Hannover ReNext-Generation IT - Start now! Organizational Preparations of the Customer COE in the course of the Digital Transformation.PDF
Rheinbahn AGDevelopment of an IT service catalogue and the link to defined KPIs for more transparency and increased efficiency. PDF
Arvato GmbHThe SAP S/4HANA Roadmap using SAP Solution Manager, S/4HANA Readiness Check, Custom Code and Process ManagementPDF
Bsys GmbHInformation Management plays a central role in the work of a Customer COE. The Best Practice shows the advantages offered by a central information platform.PDF
Bischof + Klein SE & Co. KG10 years of SAP Customer COE basic certification. The SAP Customer COE is a success story at Bischof + Klein.PDF
Hannover ReSAP Customer COE Best Practice on Contract and License ManagementPDF
Münchener Verein VersicherungsgruppeUsage and Best Practice of the SAP Solution Manager in the Center of Expertise at the Münchener Verein Versicherungsgruppe.PDF
UKSH (UKSH ITSG) - University Hospital Kiel and Luebeck10 years of SAP Customer COE basic certification. The SAP Customer COE is a success story at the UKSH (UKSH ITSG).PDF

SAP Support Standards - SAP Solution Manager 7.2

The KPI catalog for SAP Solution Manager is a cloud service offered by SAP. It contains the definitions, technical documentation and comprehensive descriptions of KPIs (key performance indicators), and associated metrics that are available to you in SAP applications. This consists of both technical information such as how a KPI is measured, and information on the significance of the KPI for your enterprise. The KPI catalog is thereby the central point of storage and reference for all of your business-relevant key figures.

The catalog already contains more than 1,200 KPIs from different areas, for example:

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Service Operations
  • Test Management

Access the KPI Workspace and Catalog

Title Description Download
SAP Support Standards for Job Management Best Practice for Job Management PDF
SAP Support Standards for Security
Best Practices for Security PDF
SAP Support Standards for System Management
Best Practices for System Management PDF
SAP Support Standards for Process Management
Best Practices for Process Management PDF
SAP Support Standards for Data Consistency Management
Best Practices for Data Consistency Management  PDF
SAP Support Standards for Change Control Management
Best Practices for Change Control Management  PDF
SAP Support Standards for Test Management
Best Practices for Test Management  PDF
SAP Support Standards for IT Services Management
Best Practices for IT Services Management PDF
SAP Support Standards for Business Process Monitoring
Best Practices for Business Process Monitoring  PDF
SAP Support Standards for Customer Code Management
Best Practices for Customer Code Management  PDF
SAP Support Standards for Root Cause Analysis
Best Practices for Root Cause Analysis PDF