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Systems & Installations

When you purchase an SAP product, a new installation is created. It contains one or more systems, which represents the computer on which you installed your SAP product, or for cloud products,  which tenants or products you have purchased from SAP.

Most on-premise support applications rely on up-to-date system data to improve service quality. With quality system data repeated data input becomes unnecessary.

To ease system data maintenance, you can use the system data synchronization between SAP Solution Manager and the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

System Data

A system represents the machine on which you have installed your SAP product or a tenant that SAP manages for your business in the cloud. It contains fields such as the Operating System you run on the machine, the SAP product you installed on it, the database associated with your product, the datacenter a tenant is located in and more.

Edit or delete systems, and manage remote connections so that SAP Support can access your systems to troubleshoot your issues.

Each system is associated with a license key. You are able to request a new system using the License Key application.

Global License Audit & Compliance

SAP's Global License Audit & Compliance Organization (GLAC) enable and audit SAP customers to achieve and maintain compliance with their license entitlement. As trusted advisors we provide support to

  • proactively avoid license compliance gaps
  • balance current licenses entitlement and consumption
  • resolve potential license compliance gaps

In times of unprecedented change and uncertainty, customers require a set of different services from SAP to meet their contractual obligations to stay compliant. The Global License Audit & Compliance team has the right services and expertise ready for any respective customer situation spanning from enablement and situational support to license measurement and detailed investigation.

Do you want more information?

Visit the GLAC page where you can find information on all Global License Audit & Compliance services.

If you have any questions about the GLAC Service portfolio  contact your SAP License Compliance Manager or your SAP Account Manager.  

System Measurement

The License Audit Measurement Service is one of the Global License Audit & Compliance services and its main focus is on the on-premise System Measurement and support of all customers throughout the process

The System Measurement comprises

  • the user measurement,
  • the software engines, such as Human Resources, Real Estate Management etc., and
  • additional products, like SAP HANA or SAP BusinessObjects.

The followings tools are provided in all SAP systems and support customers to carry out system measurements:

  • Measurement program (transaction USMM) for measuring users and engines.
  • License Administration Workbench, LAW 2.0 (transaction SLAW2) for the central consolidation of all measurement results.

Do you want more information?

Visit the System Measurement page where you can find full information on the License Audit Measurement Service, the processes, as well as all related documentation and information.

Installation Data

Request new installations for SAP products and delete no longer required installations using the self-service functions.

  • Installation creation and deletion requests are processed automatically within one business day.
  • Using the list of created installations, you can also change the names of your technical installations. To request a name change for your commercial installation you need to contact your local SAP contract department.
  • You only need to fill-out the installation call-off form for the first installation, which is for new customers attached to the contract, and send it together with the signed contract to your local SAP contract department or as attachment to your submitted service request.
  • Partners who wish to request a first or additional installation for their systems always have to fill out the call-off form for partners and send it to their SAP partner contract department.

Need Help?

Installation Management help

Only SAP customers can use the installation self-service. SAP partners must contact their SAP partner contract department.

To use these functions, you need the authorization Manage Installations. Check your authorizations under your User Profile. To extend your authorization, contact your company's super administrator.

Cloud Availability Center

Get a personalized, at-a-glance view into your SAP cloud products with status and availability, an events calendar, notifications history, and the latest news.

License Utilization Information

The License Utilization Information Application is a dashboard that provides an overview of SAP License Entitlement and SAP Software Usage for SAP Public Cloud and for SAP On-Premise direct customers.

SAP Public Cloud customers will get the newest information automatically published to the License Utilization Information Application.

SAP On-Premise customers must carry out a system measurement at first. They are guided through a newly created system measurement preparation process in the License Utilization Preparation Area.

Learn more about the License Utilization Information Application

Help & FAQs

Use component XX-SER-SAPSMP-SYS to report an incident about system data.

Should one of your contracts no longer have an active maintenance agreement, the system will not return any installation numbers when you click on "commercial installation".

Contact your SAP contract department and provide the commercial installation number (shown under Display Commercial Installation) and the existing and the new name.

When a commercial installation has been selected under which the contracts and licenses for your product are not booked, you can either delete the installation after creation has been completed and create a new one under the correct commercial installation, or you can send a service request to your SAP contract department to have the installation reassigned.

If you have requested an installation for a product that is not yet licensed, you will receive only a temporary license key.

To request installations on behalf of a customer, you must complete the installation request form and send it to your SAP partner contract department.